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치주 건강 상태에 따른 치면세균막의 산 생성능력 평가에 대한 연구

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 Assessment of Acidogenic Potential for Dental Biofilms by Periodontal Health Condition 
 민지현  ;  윤홍철  ;  김종관  ;  강시묵  ;  김백일 
 Journal of Dental Hygiene Science (치위생과학회지), Vol.15(2) : 202-208, 2015 
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Journal of Dental Hygiene Science(치위생과학회지)
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Cariview ; Periodontal health
The aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate the relationship between periodontal health condition and the results of a new method such
as Cariview which could evaluate the acidity of dental biofilms. Fifty four subjects more than 20 years old were selected for the candidates of this
study. The periodontal health conditions of the candidates were divided into 4 groups according to the assessment of X-ray and Quantitative
Light-induced Fluorescence-Digital (QLF-D; Inspektor Research Systems BV) images; gingivitis, slight periodontitis, moderate periodontitis, severe
periodontitis. The biofilm acidogenicity of each subject was examined using Cariview (All in ONE BIO) according to manufacturer’s instruction, and
the Cariview score was calculated. The mean differences of Cariview score between 4 groups of periodontal health condition were examined by
ANCOVA test with the covariance of decayed, missing, and filled teeth (DMFT) index. As a result, the mean Cariview score was different, however
it was not significantly different from the 4 groups (p=0.12). The mean score was the lowest in the gingivitis group (40.54±11.01), and the highest
in slight periodontitis group (57.26±20.51). In conclusion, the significant mean differences were not confirmed in Cariview score according to the
periodontal health condition.
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