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실용음악전공학생과 일반남학생의 흡연여부에 따른 호흡과 발성 특성 비교

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 Characteristics of respiration and phonation depending on smoking or non smoking by practical musicology students and general male students 
 Eunhye Kim  ;  Hongshik Choi  ;  Seongeun Lim  ;  Yaelin Choi 
 Journal of the Korean Society of Speechc Sciences (말소리와 음성과학), Vol.6(3) : 49-56, 2014 
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 Journal of the Korean Society of Speechc Sciences (말소리와 음성과학) 
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acoustic characteristic ; Maximum phonation time ; respiratory ; Voice range profile ; practical musicology ; smoking
This research compared the features of respiration and phonation between practical musicology students and general male students, according to their smoking status. Participants of this research are 15 practical musicology male students attending ○○ university and 16 general ○○○ university students. The participants, both non-smokers and smokers with 5-years of smoking history have no history of voice disease in any case and have normal cognitive functions. The results indicated that, first, there is not a notable difference in the respiratory activity status(FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC), regardless of major and smoking status. In MPT, even though there is no significant difference in accordance with their majors, considering smoking status, the smoker group was shorter than non-smoker group significant difference statistically (p<.01). Second, the divisions of participants’ major did not show significant difference in Fo, jitter, shimmer, and NHR in the vowel prolongation task. However, the smoker group showed a significantly higher degree of jitter and shimmer than the non-smoker group (p<.05) as Fo and NHR shows no difference. In the case of VRP, maximum frequency and frequency range of the practical group are significantly higher than normal group statistically (p<.001). Moreover, although the difference of the minimum frequency shown at the statistic is not significant, practical group showed a higher tendency of frequency than normal group (p=.051). In conclusion, even though there is no difference in respiratory activity between the smoker group and non-smoker group, the MPT of the smoker group is shorter than that of non-smoker group. In addition, the smoker group showed a higher degree of jitter and shimmer than the non-smoker group. MPT is related to the valve action of vocal fold that passes through the glottis. Thus, it is interpreted that the smoker group has a lower quality of voice and valve action of the vocal fold. Also, the practical group has a higher degree of maximum frequency and frequency range than the normal group. This research can function as basic data for vocal characteristics for the majors in relation to the voice-specializing.
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