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EGT022 accelerates pressure ulcer wound healing

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 EGT022의 압박궤양 상처치유의 효과 
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Dept. of Medicine/박사
BackgroundEGT022 is a recombinant protein, having a human-derived Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) motif. We investigated the wound healing effects of EGT022 in a pressure ulcer mouse model induced by magnetic plates.Materials and MethodsFor study 1, healthy Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) mice were randomized into three groups: control, treated with EGT022, and treated with basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF). For study 2, ICR mice were randomized into four groups (healthy control, diabetic control, diabetic mice treated with EGT022, and diabetic mice treated with bFGF). Each mouse was put through three ischemia-reperfusion cycles by the external application of magnets. EGT022 and bFGF were administered topically for 5 days from 2 days after the ischemia-reperfusion cycle. Wound area was measured using a microscope and a histological examination was performed to assess reepithelialization, granulation, and inflammation status.ResultsThe wound area treated with EGT022 was significantly attenuated compared with healthy controls and diabetes control mice. EGT022 had a similar therapeutic effect on wound healing to bFGF treatment. Topical application of EGT022 accelerated tissue reepithelialization and reduced inflammation in both healthy ICR mice and diabetic mice.ConclusionsEGT022 treatment had an effect on facilitating and improving pressure wound healing in healthy ICR mice and diabetic mouse model. EGT022 may be a good therapeutic candidate for treating chronic wounds.
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