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電擊痙攣이 家兎血液凝固 時間에 미치는 影響

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dc.description.abstract[영문] [한글] Author has experimented as follows 1) The typical epileptic convulsion was appeared when electric shock treated on norcal rabbits with a 30-100 volt(60 cycle, 100-300mAp) about 2-10 seconds. Blood coaguistion time was shorten remarkably 30 minutes after electric shood and recevered to nored to normal value 7 hours latter. 2) No resarkable difference on blood ocagulation time was recognised betwees electric shock and Pierotoxin, Cardissol, strychnine convulsion on normal rabbits. 3) When the electric shock treated on Vagotomised rabbits there was not significnat difference on blood ocagulation time comparing to that of electric shock reated on normal rabbits. 4) Prelongation of blood coagulation time was recognised when electric shock treatment proceeded on splanohnictomised rabbits and Urethane protreatmented rabbits. 5) Shortening of blood ocagulation time was highly accelerated when electric shock was given on pretreamented with adrenalihe. 6) It seems that the shortening of blood coagulation time induced by electric shock treatment is caused by adrenaline secretiondue to stimulating central origin of sympathetic nervous system.-
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dc.title電擊痙攣이 家兎血液凝固 時間에 미치는 影響-
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