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Long-term outcomes of patients discharged from the ICU after recovery

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dc.description.abstractObjective: To determine the long-term mortality of patients discharged from the ICU and identify predictive factors of mortality in these patients.Methods: All patients admitted to the ICU between 2006 and 2011 who were discharged after recovery were followed up until December 1, 2012 (n = 3699). We examined the associations among gender, age, APACHE II score, type and cause of admission and mortality.Results: The 1-year and 5-year mortalities were 13.6% and 30.0%, respectively. The mortalities in the first year after ICU discharge were higher than the mortalities in the other periods. Risk factors for mortality were age (hazard ratio range = 1.43 - 4.26), APACHE II score (1.26 - 1.89), type of admission (1.29 - 2.08) and cause of admission (1.74 - 9.21).Conclusion: Thirty percent of patients discharged from the ICU died in five years. The risk of mortality was dominant in the first year. Age, APACHE II score, type and cause of admission were the factors associated with long-term survival.-
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dc.titleLong-term outcomes of patients discharged from the ICU after recovery-
dc.title.alternative중환자실에서 질병 호전으로 퇴원한 환자의 장기적 예후-
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