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Evaluation of the safety and therapeutic effect of Hypoxia-specific, VEGF-expressing neural stem cells in a model of spinal cord injury

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 척수 손상 동물모델에서, 저산소 특이적으로 VEGF 유전자를 발현하는 신경줄기세포주의 안전성 및 치료효과 평가 
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We established three stable neural stem cell (NSC) lines to explore the possibility of using EpoSV-VEGF NSCs to treat spinal cord injury (SCI). The application of EpoSV-VEGF NSCs into the injured spinal cord after clip compression injury not only showed therapeutic effects such as extended survival, angiogenesis, and functional recovery, but also displayed its safety profile as it did not cause unwanted cell proliferation or angiogenesis in normal spinal cord tissue, as EpoSV-VEGF NSCs consistently showed hypoxia-specific VEGF expression patterns. This suggests that our EpoSV-VEGF NSCs are both safe and therapeutically efficacious for the treatment of SCI. Furthermore, this hypoxia inducible gene expression system may represent a safe tool suitable for gene therapy delivery.
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