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The bone formation and healing effects of calcium phosphate glass cement in intrabony defects of beagle dogs

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 성견 일벽성 치주 결손부에 이식한 calcium phosphate glass cement 의 신생골 형성 효과 
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Dept. of dental Science/박사
The aim of this study was to investigate the bone formation effect of amorphous calcium phosphate glass cement (CPGC) synthesized by a melting and quenching process.In five male beagle dogs, 4x4mm 1-wall intrabony defects were created bilaterally at the mesial or distal aspect of mandibular second and fourth premolars. Each of the four defects was divided according to graft materials: CPGC with collagen membrane (CM), biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) with CM, CM alone, or a surgical flap operation only. The dogs were sacrificed 8 weeks post surgery, and block sections of the defects were collected for histologic and histometric analysis. There was significant difference in bone formation and cementum regeneration between the experiment and control groups. In particular, the CPGC and BCP groups showed greater bone formation than the CM and control groups.In conclusion, CPGC was replaced rapidly with an abundant volume of new bone; CPGC also contributed slightly to regeneration of the periodontal apparatus.
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