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Krüppe-like factor 4 activates the transcription of the gene for the platelet isoform of phosphofructokinase in breast cancer

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 유방암에서 Krüppel-like factor 4 에 의한 혈소판형 phosphofructokinase 유전자의 전사 활성화 
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Dept. of Medical Science/박사
Krüppel-like factor 4 (KLF4) is a transcription factor that plays an important role in cell differentiation, proliferation, and survival, especially in the context of cancers. This study revealed that KLF4 activates glycolytic metabolism in breast cancer cells by up-regulating the platelet isoform of phosphofructokinase (PFKP). KLF4 activated transcription of the PFKP gene by directly binding to the PFKP promoter. While glucose uptake and lactate production were inhibited by the knockdown of KLF4, they were activated by the overexpression of KLF4. Unlike PFKP, the expressions of the other isoforms of phosphofructokinase and glycolytic genes were unaffected by KLF4. The human breast cancer tissues showed a close correlation between KLF4 and PFKP expression. This study also showed that PFKP plays a critical role in cell proliferation in breast cancer cells. In conclusion, it is suggested that KLF4 plays a role in maintenance of high glycolytic metabolism by transcriptional activation of the PFKP gene in breast cancer cells.
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