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Comparison of preoperative and postoperative ocular biometry in eyes with iris-fixated phakic intraocular lens implantations

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 홍채고정 안내렌즈 삽입술 시행 전후의 안구 생체 계측 비교 
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This study was designed to compare preoperative to postoperative ocular biometry in patients with two types of iris-fixated phakic intraocular lens (pIOLs); Artisan or Artiflex phakic IOL implantations.This study included 40 eyes with Artisan pIOL implants and 36 eyes with Artiflex pIOL implants. Anterior chamber depth (ACD) and axial length (AL) were measured by applanation ultrasonography (A-scan) and partial coherence interferometry (IOLMaster) preoperatively and 3 months after pIOL implantation. ACD measurements after Artisan or Artiflex pIOL implantation were smaller than preoperative measurements. After Artisan pIOL implantation, differences in AL measurements by A-scan were insignificant whereas postoperative AL measurements by IOLMaster were significantly longer than preoperative measurements. After Artiflex pIOL implantation, AL measurements by both A-scan and IOLMaster were significantly longer than preoperative measurements. In Artiflex group, differences in AL measurements by A-scan correlated with the central thickness of the Artiflex pIOL. ACD and AL measurements were influenced by iris-fixated IOL implantation. Surgeons should consider potential errors caused by pIOLs when measuring ocular biometry after iris-fixated pIOL implantation.
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