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The application of cyanoacrylate-based for surgically created 1-wall intrabony defects in dogs

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dc.descriptionDept. of Dental Science/박사-
dc.description.abstractBone grafts are often used as part of a surgical protocol to regenerate periodontal structures. Hydroxyapatite (HA) and β-tricalcium phosphate(β-TCP) are used as bone graft materials for periodontal regeneration. Also, N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate is used as a tissue adhesive because of its rapid adhesion to hard and soft tissue. We evaluated the bioactive properties of HA/β-TCP mixed with cyanoacrylate filling materials for clinical applications. In four male beagle dogs, we bilaterally created 4x4 mm one-wall intrabony defects at the distal aspect of the second mandibular premolars, and at the mesial aspect of the fourth mandibular premolars. These defects were experimentally treated with a HA/β-TCP and cyanoacrylate combination, HA/β-TCP only, cyanoacrylate only, or surgery with no filling material as a control group. The dogs were killed eight weeks after surgery, and block sections of the defects were collected for histologic and histometric analysis.Postoperative healing was uneventful. Histological analysis revealed no significant differences in periodontal healing between the experimental sites that received grafted materials and those that did not, except that HA/β-TCP only group yielded comparable amount of new bone formation. Only small amounts of bone fill and cementum regeneration were observed in other groups. In this study, we expected that the osteogenic filling material would become fixed in the bony defect more quickly and stably because of the adhesive ability of cyanoacrylate; however, the combination filling material did not result in a higher amount of new bone and cementum formation compared to surgery with no filling material.-
dc.publisherGraduate School, Yonsei University-
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dc.titleThe application of cyanoacrylate-based for surgically created 1-wall intrabony defects in dogs-
dc.title.alternative성견 치주 결손부의 cyanoacrylate 복합 HA/β-TCP 이식재 적용-
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