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The role of FDG-PET in predicting prognosis for patients with advanced signet ring cell carcinoma

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 진행성 반지세포 위암을 가진 환자의 예후를 예측하는데 양전자 방출단층촬영의 역할 
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Background and Objectives. The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of the standardized uptake values (SUV), a semi-quantitative assessment of tumor FDG uptake, as a prognosticator for advanced signet ring cell carcinoma (SRC).Methods. We reviewed the files of 41 patients who underwent curative gastrectomy for advanced SRC and who had an FDG-PET at initial presentation between September 2003 and December 2007. We used the maximal SUV for the analysis. Results. The median follow-up period was 30.9 months (range: 4.0-70.3). We found a correlation between the SUVmax and TNM stage. When the patients were divided into two groups (low vs. high SUVmax) based on a median SUVmax of 3.80, the high-SUVmax group showed more aggressive tumor behavior than did the low SUVmax group. In addition, the high SUVmax group showed more postoperative recurrence (P=0.028), shorter relapse-free survival (P=0.004) and lower 30-month cancer-specific survival rates (40.0% versus 69.3%, P=0.008). However, in multivariate analysis, SUVmax failed to be an independent predictor of overall survival. Conclusions. SUVmax at diagnosis is a valuable surrogate marker of tumor aggressiveness in advanced signet ring cell carcinoma, although it was not an independent predictor of overall survival after curative surgery.
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