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소화기계통의 선천성 기형에 대한 임상통계학적 고찰

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 Clinical and statistical study of congenital anomalies of the digestive system 
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[영문] Considering the scarcity of articles on Congenital Anomalies and the importance of being aware of anomalies of the Digestive System in infants and children of this country, a study was conducted to present a statistical analysis of patients diagnosed and treated at Severance Hospital between the years of 1961 and 1970. Remarkable progress has been made in the field of pediatric surgery, particularly in physiology, anesthesiology and operative technique. However, the ultimate result hasn't been totally satisfactory, largely due to the lack of congnizance of early diagnosis and prompt treatment. futhermore, most of the patients with inherited abnormal conditions, such as congenital heart disease, cleft palate and other associated G.I. anomalies, require surgery, urgently. A total of 115 cases were analyzed according to systems and of these, 82 were male and 32 ere female. A ratio of 7:3. 1. The order of frequency of disease was as follows: Imperforate anus 32 cases(27.8%), congenital megacolon 25cases(21.7%) and congenital hypetrophic pyloric stenosis 21 cases(18.2%). 2. Associate congenital anomalies were found in 12 patients, there were G.I> anomalies, Down's syndrome, congenital heart disease and craniostosis. 3. Of significance was the fact that in this study, imperforate anus had the highest incident rate which was in sharp contrast to the occidental series in which congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis showed the peak incidence. 4. There was an overall mortality rate of 18 cases(17%), the causes of mortality being: Respiratory failure, 8 cases(44%) Associated heart diseases, 4 cases(22%) Septicemia, 3 cases(17%) These figures are very similar to that reported in various publications. In conclusion, this analysis suggests that a more keen understanding of pediatric physiology, embryology, surgical technique and improved post-operative supportive care, for anomalous patients, may cortainly improve the ultimato outcome of corrective surgery.
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