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과거 8년간 세브란스병원 입원환자의 질병력구조의 변화 (1970-1977)

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 Changes in morbidity structure of patients discharged from the Severance hospital for the past 8 years 
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[한글] 질병력 구조의 변화를 보는 것은 보건 계획의 수립, 질병 관리, 방향의 결정, 역학적인 연구, 의학 교육의 내용을 결정하는데 필요할뿐 아니라 병원 행정면으로도 병실의 배치, 장비 시설, 인력 수급, 의약품 수급 등에도 필요한 자료가 되며 병원 행정, 병실의 배치.당단기 의료계획의 수립등의 중요한 자료가 된다. 연구대상의 설정은 1970년 3월 1일부터 1978년 2월 28일까지 8년간 연세대학교 의과대학 부속 세브란스 병원에 입원하였다가 퇴원한 환자의 의무기록으로부터 연도별 질병의 변화를 분석하였다. 질병의 변화에 대한 주요한 결과는 다음과 같다. 1. 세균성 이질 및 아메바병, 전염병 및 기생충병, 호흡기계의 결핵등의 질환들이 감소의 경향을 보였다. 2. 악성 신생물, 선천 이상, 당뇨병, 고혈압성 질환, 기관지염 및 폐기종등의 질환들이 증가의 경향을 보였다. 3. 표준수술분류에 의한 변화는 산과질환 수술이 점진적으로 감소의 경향을 보였으며 안과질환, 혈관 및 심장 수술질환, 흉곽외과 질환 수술등이 증가의 경향을 보였다.
[영문] Providing information on morbidity trend and structure is not only important in health planning, determination of direction of the disease control program, various epidemiological students, establishing curriculum for medical personal education but also in hospitals administration such as determination of number of beds, types of manpower, arrangement of medical facillities and equipment. This study was to add some more information on morbidity structure and it's trend for the past several years since only scarce data on morbidity changes in national scale was available. The sources of data used for this study was the patient's medical records of Severance Hospital from March 1, 1970 to February 28, 1978. Analysis was mainly done by International Classification of Diseases, and Injuries in terms of 17 classifications, A, C and D lists. Total number of cases were 199,612. Since the data used for this study was only that of one University Hospital, it was admitted that the result of the study had much limitations. The following are brief summary of the results: 1. Obvious downward trend was observed for the past 8 years dysenteries, parastic diseases and respiratory tuberculosis. 2. Marked increase was seen for the noninfectious diseases such as malignant neolasms, congenital anomalies, diabetes mellitus, hypertensive heart diseases. The chronic pulmonary diseases such as chronic emphysema and bronchitis were also shown upward trend. 3. For the surgical operation, obstetrical operations were decreased slowly while ophthalmologic cases, cardiovascular and thoracic surgical cases were increased substantially.
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