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Polymeric Reinforced Zinc-Oxide Eugenol이 치근분지병소 치유에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

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dc.description.abstract[한글] 저자는 6마리의 성견을 대상으로 하여, 12주 동안 교정용 탄성사를 결찰, 고정하여 치근분지병소를 야기시켰으며, 분지병소에 Polymeric Reinforced Zinc-Oxide Eugenol을 충전하여 실험 2군으로, composite resin을 충전하여 실험 1군으로, 충전물을 넣지 않은 대조군으로 각각 구분하여, 시간 경과에 따른 충전물에 대한 치은조직의 반응과 치유과정에서의 부착상피와의 재 부착관계를 연구하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 1. 초기의 각 군은 유사한 임상적 소견을 보였으나, 실험 1군에서 2주 후부터 변연치은에 발적과 부종이 나타나서 6주까지 지속되었으며, 대조군과 실험 2군은 자연 치유양상을 보였고,1주 후의 실험 1군과 실험 2군에서의 염증세포 침윤정도는 유사한 양상을 보였으나, 실험 2군에서는 시간 경과에 따라 계속적인 감소를 보인 반면, 실험 1군에서는 2주 후부터 나타난 염증세포 침윤 확장이 6주까지 계속 되었다. 2. 실험 2군에서는 전 실험기간 동안 교원섬유 의 변화가 없었으나, 실험 1군에서는 계속적인 감소를 보였으며, 실험 2군에서는 각화되지 않은 열구상피가 전 실험기간 동안 관찰되었으나, 실험 1군에서는 2주 후부터 열구상피와 결체직의 일부에 궤양이 나타나서 6주까지 계속되었다. 3. 실험 2군의 충전물 표면에는 전 실험 기간 동안 상피세포가 부착되어 있었으며, 시간 경과에 따라서 부착된 상피세포가 성숙되는 양상을 보였으나, 실험 1군 표면에서는 상피세포가 부착되는 양상을 보이지 않았으며, 단지 상피잔사로 보이는 물질이 불규칙하게 부착되어 있었다. 4. 실험 2군의 2주 후 충전물 표면에서 fiber와 충전물 사이의 연결을 보였으나, 이를 제외한 전체 실험군에서 충전물과 fiber간의 연결은 없었다. 5. 치근면과 충전물 사이의 부착상태는 실험 1군과 2군 모두에서 긴밀하지 못했다. [영문] The purpose of the present investigation was to study the sequential effect of Polymeric-Reinforced Zinc-Oxide Eugenol on the experimentally induced lesion of furcation area in the dogs. Six dogs,1 year over age and weighting 12-20 kg were used. By the method of orthodontic elastic thread ligature, 12 weeks after, through and through furcation involvement was presented. Dogs were randomly distributed into group of 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 week. Polymeric-Reinforced Zinc-Oxide Eugenol was inserted into the furcation of upper and lower right P3 and P4 (experimental group 2), composite resin was into upper and lower left P3 and P4 (experimental group 1). Lower right and left P2 were not filled with any material(control group). Biopsies were sampled as the time intervals of each group. The results of this study were as followed; 1. Clinically normal healing features appeared in both control group, experimental group 1 and experimental group 2, but 2 weeks of experimental group 1 presented severe swelling and redness on the gingival margin, in contrast to spontaneous healing of control and experimental group 2, and after 1 week experiment, inflammatory cell infiltration was similar in both experimental group 1 and experimental group 2, but the extension of inflammatory cell infiltration was appeared in 2 weeks experimental group 1 and continuous to 6 weeks, in contrast to gradual decrease in experimental group 2. 2. During experiment, unkeratinized sulcular epithelium was observed in experimental group 2 and gradual decrease of collagen fiber volume was observed in experimental group 1, and in the 2 weeks experimental group 1, ulceration of sulcular epithelium and a part of connective tissue was appeared, and this findings were continued to 6 weeks experiment. 3. Attachment of epithelial cell to talc surface of filling material and gradual maturing features were observed in experimental group 2 during this experiment, but that was net observed on the surface of experimental group 1. 4. Only in the 2 weeks experimental group 2, fiber attachment to the surface of filling material was observed. 5. In both experimental group 1 and 2, tight junction between the falling material and root surface was failed to display.-
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dc.titlePolymeric Reinforced Zinc-Oxide Eugenol이 치근분지병소 치유에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구-
dc.title.alternative(The) study of the effects of polymeric-reinforced Zinc-Oxide eugenol on the healing of furcation-
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