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 (A) study on control strategy of aircraft noise 
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[한글]1960年代 以後 航空産業은 迅速하고도 大量輸送手段으로써 發展되어 왔고 또한 그 利用度의 增加로 航空機騷音에 對한 觀心이 高湖됨에 따라 美國, 日本 및 유럽等 先進外國에서는 이미 航空機騷音管理에 着手하여 騷音規制와 騷音被害補償 等에 이르기 까지 많은 努力을 傾注하고 있다. 그러나 航空機의 運航은 國家間 交流와 國際觀光客의 需要에 副應하여 每年 增加되고 있는 形便으로써 空港周邊住民들은 航空機의 騷音 公害로 인하여 日常生活에 영향을 받게되어 社會的인 問題로 登場하기에 이르렀다. 國內外의 이러한 時代的 흐름과 여건을 勘案하여 金浦國際空港을 對象으로 '87.1-87.11까지 航空機騷音度를 調査하고 國際民間航室機構(ICAO)에서 提示한 航空機騷音評價單位인 WECPNL(Weighted Equivalent Continuous Perceived Noise Level)로 騷音度 分布를 分析하여 다음과 같은 結果를 얻었다. 1. 金浦空港周邊의 航空機騷音 分布는 90 WECPNL 以上의 地域이 2.98km**2 로서 이 地域은 住居生活에 不適한 곳으로 空港施設物을 除外하고는 緩衝綠地로 造成하여야 할 것으로 考察되었다. 2. 80WECPNL(80-90)의 地域은 13.17km**2 이며, 이 地域에는 建物에 對한 防音施設을 補完하여야 할 것이다. 3. 75WECPNL(75-80)의 地域은 學校, 病院等 特殊建物에 防音旅設이 必要하다고 思慮되며 70WECPNL以下의 地域은 別途의 騷音防止施設이 必要 없으며 日常生活에도 不便이 없는 地域으로 判斷된다. 4. 航空機騷音 規制方案으로는 基礎資料 確保를 위한 自動測定網의 設置와 騷音規制를 위한 法制化의 推進 및 騷音被害 最少化를 위한 運航方法이 講究되어야 한다. 5. WECPNL 80以上 地域의 住居施設에 對한 防音施設 補完에 所要되는 費用은 汚染者 負擔의 原則을 適用하여 騷音被害面積, 被害家口數 等을 勘案 一定期間을 定하여 航空機騷音 賦課金額을 定하는 것이 바람직하다고 考察되었다. 以上의 結果로 보아 航空機騷音에 對한 評價와 그 對策이 時急하다고 생각된다.
[영문]As the interest in aircraft noise prevails according to development of aircraft technology and increased in frequency of made for aircraft noise control and its damage compensation in many developed countries such as the United States, Japan, and European Countries. However, because the negative impact of aircraft noise on human residence has become unbearable due to the increase in frequency of air transportation from international tourism as well as world trade, aircraft noise problem has been considered as one of the most serious issues in modern society. This study focusing on aircraft noise control for Kimpo International Airport and its vicinity results in followings; 1) The area where the aircraft noise level is more than 90 WECPNL amounts 2.98 Km**2. Because this area is not suitable for residents it should be used as buffer zone. 2) The area with 81-89 WECPNL, building in which should be equipped with anti-noise facilities, amounts 13.17 Km**2. 3) As far as 75 WECPNL area is concerned, particular buildings such as shools, hospitals should be equpped with anti-noise facilities. The area with less than 70 WECPNL is considered suitable for normal residents without any additional anti-noise facilities. 4) Establishment of automatic aircraft noise monitoring system for gathering basic data, legislation of noise control, and operation techniques minimizing damage from aircraft noise should be prepared as aircraft noise control strategies. 5) Polluter-pays-principle should be introduced and applied to the collection of revenue which can be used for installation of anti-noise facilities in residential areas with more than 80 WECPNL and for making compensation for damaged area and housing units from aircraft noise, economic condition of society should be considered when the charge rate is determined.
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