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 (The) experimental studies on the influence of garlic to the adrenal gland and the blood in rats 
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[영문] Carilic (Allium Scorodoplasm) contains a volatile substance called allicin which has antibiotic and antitumor effects. Garlic has various pharmaceutical effect and causes biochemical changes when administered to animals and humans. In an attempt to find any effect of garlic on an adrenal function, garlic and its ether extract were administered to rats and urinary 17-ketosteroids weight of adrenal gland and its vitamin C content were determined. Also uropepsin acid and pepsin in stomach contents and hemeglobin were investigated. Garlic polsaccharide was extracted and its effect on prothrombin time was investigated. The results were as follows: (1) Garlic has no effect on urinary 17-ketosteroids output the weight of adrenal gland and ist vitamin C content when garlic was administered per os. (2) Ether extract of garlic increased considerablly the urinary 17-ketosteroids and the weight of the adrenal gland when administered parenterally. (3) Ether extract of garlic caused more anemic effect than the garlic itself. (4) The garlic may stimulate the stomach increasing the excretion of the acid and the pepcin. (5) Polysaccharide extracted from the garlic prolonged the prothrombin time.
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