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망막과 망막 색소 상피간 결합력의 사후 변화

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 Postmortem change of adhesive forces between the retina and the retinal pigment epithelium 
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[한글] 살아 있는 동물에서 능동적 기전에 의해 유지되는 망막과 망막 색소 상피간의 결합력은 사후 급속히 감소하여 종래에는 저절로 망막박리가 생기게 된다. 본 연구에서는 망막과 망막 색소 상피간 결합력의 사후 변화를 알아보고자 가토의 초자체강내에 초자체 절제기구를 삽입하고 안구 적출을 하지 않은 채로 가토를 회생시킨 직후부터 O-100 mm Hg 사이의 다양한 흡입압을 작용시키면서 망막 박리의 발생 시간을 관찰하여 다음과 같은 결과를 얻었다. 1.망막과 망막 색소 상피간의 결합력은 사후 감소하기 시작하여 28분 35초 후에 저절로 망막박리가 일어남을 확인할 수 있었다. 2.흡입압을 증가시킬수록 망막 박리의 발생시간이 단축되었으며 흡입압 0-100mm Hg 구간에서 망막 박리 발생시간의 상용 대수값은 흡입압에 역비례하였다 [logY=1.45215-0.01113X,(R**2 =0.99041), X; 흡입압(mm Hg), Y;망막박리 발생시간 (분)].
[영문] Adhesive forces between the retina and the retinal pigment epithelium, which is maintained by active mechanisms unique for living animals, deteriorates rapidly after death and leads to spontaneous retinal detachment. Change of retinal adhesiveness in rabbits after death was investigated using a new method. Retinal detachment was induced by applying various levels of aspiration power from zero to 100 mm Hg to the vitreous cavity using a vitrectomy instalment immediately after the rabbit was killed without enucleation. And the time required for creating the retinal detachment was measured. The results obtained in this study are as follows. 1. Retinal adhesiveness deteriorated after death and spontaneous retinal detachment occurred 28 minutes and 35 seconds after death. 2. Increase of aspiration power led to shortening of time required for creating retinal detachment. From aspiration powers of zeta to 1O0 mm Hg, the common logarithm of time required for retinal detachment was found to be inversely proportional to the vague of aspiration power [ logy=1.452150.01113X, ( R**2 = 0.99741), X : aspiration power(ram Hg ), Y ; time required for creating retinal detachment (minutes)].
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