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구순열과 구개열 환자의 임상통계적 고찰

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dc.description.abstract[한글] [영문] Cleft lip and/or cleft palate are common congental anomaly in a man and it has many anatomical and functional problems. The etiologic factors of ???? anomalies have been experimentally and statistiscally studied by tthers, but has not yet been solved. As an attempt of evaluate the clefts birth rate, inci dence of the type of cleft, sex ratio, etiologic factrors, associated anomalies, type of repair, postoperative complication and postoperative hospotalization. A series of 1216 cases of cleft lip and / or palate treated at p?????? service of surgical department of Severance hospital during the past 5 years period from September, 1969 to August, 1974 was retrospectively studied according to the designed questionaires. The results are summarized briefly as follows : 1. Ten babies of cleft lip and / or palate were born among 7936 deliveries, and so cleft birth rate was 1 : 794. 2. Male(55%) in cleft lip alone was slightly more than female(45%) and female(56%) in cleft palate alone was slightly more than male(44%), but male(77%) in cleft lip and palate was much more than female(23%). 3. In ratio of type of admitted clefts, cleft lip alone to cleft lip and palate to cleft palate alone was 1:2.1:1.1. 4. Among the cleft lips, bilateral type were 130 cases and on 760 cases of unilateral types, left side cleft lips were 498 cases and right side were 262 cases. 5, Incomplete cleft lip was four times more than complete type, but complete cleft lip with cleft palate was four times more than incomplete type. Incomplete cleft palate was three times more than complete type, but complete cleft palate with cleft lip was ten times more than incomplete type. 6. Cleft birth rate by incidence of month of birth, parity, maternal and paternal age was not statistically able to evaluated. 7. Presenting positive family history of clefts was only 7.6% of total. Cleft lip had more family members with cleft than other types. Siblings among it's family was 43%. 8. In blood types of cleft palate, O type was 31.9%, A type 37.7%, B type 26.1% and AB type 4.3%. 9. Presenting ratio of associated anomaly of clefts was 7.6%. Cleft palate had more associated anomaly than other types. Congenital heart defect (10 cases), Pierre-Robin syndrome (6 cases). umbilical hernia (4 cases), hemangioma(4 cases) and et al were associated with cleft defects. 10. Common type of operation was Tennison method for cleft lip, V-Y repositioning method for incomplete cleft palate and Wardill method modified by Kilner for complete cleft palate. 11. Ages of primary repair of admitted clefts was under one year in 109 cases among 137 cases of cleft lip, but under two years in 43 cases among 163 cases of cleft palate. 12. Postoperative complication was occured 28% among primary repairs of cleft lip and 29% among primary repairs of cleft palate. Common complications in cleft lip repair were noted U.R.I.(11 cases), diarrhea(8 cases), stitch abscess(7 cases) and in cleft palate repairs, oronasal fistula(11 cases), mild bleeding(11 cases) and pneumonia(8 cases).-
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dc.title구순열과 구개열 환자의 임상통계적 고찰-
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