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통상적 하악공 전달마취와 Gow Gates 방법에 의한 하악마취의 비교연구

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dc.description.abstract[한글] 통상적 하악공전달마취시의 불완전한 마취현상을 개선하고자 Gow Gates (1973)는 하악공보다 상방인 과두경부에 마취액을 주입시키는 새로운 방법을 발표하였다. 이에 저자는 만14세 이상의 환자, 124명에 통상적 하악공전달마취와 Gow Gates 방법을 적용하여 비교, 연구한 결과 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 1. 통상적 하악공전달마취시의 마취성공율은 89.3%이었으나, Gow Gatea방법 사용시의 성공율은 92,7%이었다. 2. 통상적 하악공전달마취시 혈액의 흡입율은 10.7%었으나, Gow Gates방법 사용시의 흡입율은 6.25%이었다. 3. 마취의 발현시간은 Gow Gates방법 사용시, 통상적 하악공전달마취시보다 일반적으로 길었다. 4. 통상적 하악공전달마취시에는 구강내 표적점을 이용하나, (Gow Gates 방법 사용시에는 구강외 표적점을 이용하므로 마취시술조작이 용이했다. [영문] In 1973 Gow Gates reported new technique for mandibular anesthesia using extraoral Landmarks & deposition of the anesthetic solution on the condylar neck area. According to his reports the success rate of anesthesia was higher than that of the conventional inferior alveolar nerve block technique. Thls study was carried out to determine the effectiveness of local mandibular anesthesia, using the conventional inferior alveolar nerve block technique and newly devised the Gow Gates technique. Author reviewed 124 patients, over the L4 year olds, were divided into 2 groups, 28 patients administered the conventional inferior alveolar nerve block, as control group and 96, experimental group was utilized the Gow Gates technique. The following results were obtained; 1. Success rate of anesthesia In the conventional technique was 89.3%, while in the Gow Gates technique showed 92.7%. 2. Rate of positive blood aspiration In the conventional technique was 10.7%, the Gow Gates technique was 6.25%. 3. The onset of anesthesia In the Gow Gates technique was slower than In the conventional technique. 4. By using extraoral Landmarks, the anesthetic manipulation was much easter in the Gow Gates technique.-
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dc.title통상적 하악공 전달마취와 Gow Gates 방법에 의한 하악마취의 비교연구-
dc.title.alternative(A) comparative study of mandibular anesthesia by the conventional inferior alveolar nerve block technique & the gow gates technique-
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