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 (A) study of women utilizing hospital family planning services in severance hospital 
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[영문] In order to assist hospital-based family planning service programs in extending their effectiveness, an attempt has been made to investigate the present effectiveness of the family planning project at Severance Hospital. This paper deals with 420 married-fecund women between the ages of 20 and 44 who received any services from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology between June 19th and July 31th, 1974. The purpose has been to measure the extent of their knowledge of contraceptive methods, their attitudes toward and practice of family planning and the extent to which medical personnel are percieved by these women as sources of education regarding family planning practices. The results are as follow. 1. 85 to 100% of all respondents reported being aware of the available methods of contraception. 2. As for attitudes toward contraceptive Method by group 53.2% of the women in the group of those either pregnant or in the post-partum period desired tubaligation while 11.9% of this group asked for intra-uterine devices. Of those women came to the Family Planning Practice Counsel, 45.5% desired tubaligation and 79.1% expressed a preference for I.U.D. On the whole, permanent methods of contraception were prefered (40%) to temporary methods(20%). 3. 60.5% of all respondents in this survey reported wanting no more children; At the Family Planning Practice Counsel this figure was 83.6%; 93.0% of these women were above age 35 and 94.9% had more than three children. 4. 37.6% of the respondents answered that they did not want the present or immediately previous pregnancy, and 76% of them reported having experienced induced abortion. 5. 38.8% of the respondents reported practing family planning at present while 26.9% of those not presently practicing reported having had experience with such practice in the past. 51.8% of the Family Planning Practice Counsel group, 38.1% of the re-visit group after delivery 6.4% of the pregnant or post-partum period group and 61.5% of the "others" group reported currently practicing family planning. 6. Overall, 54.8% of the respondents reported experience with induced abortion and the average number of abortions experienced was 1.3. 76.4% of the Family Planning Practice Counsel group, 46.7% of the re-visit group after delivery, 28.4% of the pregnant or postpartum period group and 66.8% of the others have had experience with induced abortion. 7. Only 19.5% (82 persons) answered that they had heard about family planning practices from medical personnel. To be most effective, hospital family planning programs should develope specific methods of approach for each group of women represented in this survey concerning education about pregnancy and delivery. Medical personnel are strongly urged to participate more enthusiastically in education and enlightenment campaigns so as to motivate women seeking their services to practice family planning voluntarily and efficiently.
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