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한국인의 알러지성 접촉성 피부염 환자에 대한 임상적 고찰

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 Clinical observation on the allergic contact dermatitides in Korea 
 Dept. of Dermatology (피부과학교실) 
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[영문] The author investigated the allergic contact dermatitis patients which visited our out-patient skin dispensary during 1969 and 1970. The patients were evaluated according to age, sex and caused of the disease. Furthermore, the patients were analysed as to the causative allergic contact factors by clinical inspection and history. The causes were confirmed by the patch test which was done on 88 of the allergic contact dermatitis patients. It is believed that patch testing is clinically a most reliable procedure for the determination of responsible antigenic substance in allergic contact dermatitis and the positive reactions may be labelled as latent or potential hypersensitivity. (Hjorth at al 1968, Maibach 1965). There is a group of chemicals used on the so-called routine screening patch test tray, which have proved to be frequent causes of allergic contact dermatitis. Many diagnostic groups of chemicals and therapeutic trays, shoe trays, metal trays, etc., in addition to the standard routine screening patch test tray are used. Certain allergens seem to cause dermatitis in all countries but many sensitizers vary from one country to another. (Calnan 1955). The author has tried to establish a standard routine screening patch test tray fitted to our country according to the basic consideration used with standard routine patch test trays of the Skin and Cancer Unit. New York University Hospital. Paraphenylens diamine, ammoniated mercury, mercury bichloride, formalin, crude coal ta, potassium dichromate and mercaptobenzothiazole were the most potent sensitizers. These chemicals must be included in our standard screening routine patch test tray. However, the patch test results and the present clinical dermatitis (i.e. cosmetic dermatitis and rubber or leather dermatitis) did not coincide. Further investigation for the establishment of a proper standard patch test tray for Korea should be carried out.
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