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원주천의 수질오염에 관한 조사연구

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 (A) study on the water pollution of the Won ju stream 
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[한글] 원주시의 가정하수는 원주천에 직접 유입이 되고있어 오염의 주원인이 되어 가정하수와 원주천의 수질을 분석하여 다음과 같은 결과를 얻었다. 1. 가정하수의 경우 평균, 유량2.8㎡/sec, BOD 114.0 ppm, COD 49.1 ppm, SS 374.0 ppm , 대장균군 57 x 10**2 / 100㎖, Cl**-. 58.1 ppm, o-phosphate 1.6ppm, NH^^3 -N 8.8 pp m, 및 NO^^2 -N 3.3ppm이었다. 2. 하천의 경우 평균, 유량 52.8㎡/min, BOD 21.2 ppm, COD 6.6 ppm, SS 212 ppm, 대장균군 18 x 10**2 / 100㎖, o-phosphate 1.1 ppm, NH^^3 -N 3.6 ppm, NO^^2 -N 0.3 ppm, pH7.5이었다. 3. 조사구역의 평균 탈탄소계수(K^^1)은 0.07이며 재폭기계수 평균(K^^2)는 0.3이었고, 자정계수(f)는 약 4.0이었다. 4. 이론적으로 수중의 산소 변화를 Streeter-Phelp's식에 따라 계산하여 보면 DO가 0으로 소실되는 지점은 위생처리장 및 합류점으로부터 약 4.3km 지점으로 예측된다. 5. 원주천은 환경청이 재정고시한 기준에 의하면 정수역에도 못미치는 판단되며, 오염의 주원인은 가정하수로서 하천에 직접 유입을 막기위하여 하수처리장의 건설이 요망된다.
[영문] Urban Sewage and stream water in Won Ju City were examined and the results were as follows. 1. The average quality of Urban sewage was, Flow rate 2.8㎥/sec, BOD 106.0 ppm, COD 49.1 ppm, SS 374 ppm, coliform 8.7 ppm and NO^^2 -N 3.3 ppm respectively. 2. The average water quality of Won Ju stream are: Flow rate 58.2㎥/min, BOD 31.1 ppm, COD 7.1 ppm, SS 212.4 ppm, coliform group 18 x 10**2/100ml, Cl**- 23.2 ppm, o-phosphate 1.1 ppm NH^^3 -N 2.6 ppm, NO^^2 -N 0.3 ppm and PH 7.5 respectively. The quality of stream water showed was 4th grade area according to environmental water quality standard. 3. The survey showed K^^1 0.07, K^^2 0.3 and the self-purification coefficient 4.0 in average. 4. In calculating oxygen valiation in water by steeterphel's equation, the zero spot of D.O under stream. 5. The quality of urban sewage which flows directly to the stream is 3-4 times above the effluent water quality standard of urgan sewage in public waters, so that, there will be a serious pollution problems particulary in the dry season. Therefore, urban sewage treatment facility and proper maintence is urged.
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