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Bithionol-s-oxide가 폐디스토마에 미치는 영향 : 특히 사립체에 대하여

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 (The) effect of bithionol-s-oxide administration on paragonimus westermani, with special reference to the mitochondria 
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[영문] Although many investigators attempted to discover the reason for the lethal effect of bithionol-s-oxide on lung flukes, there are only a few reports of its effect on mitochondria. The author present several interesting results noted following the oral administration of bithionol-s-oxide to dogs which had been infected experimentally with the metacercariae bithionol-s-oxide morphological changes in the adult worms and in the cellular mitochondria were observed by light microscopy as well as by electron microscopy. Materials and Methods There months after feeding the metacercariae of Paragonimus westermani, seven out of 10 dogs were given oral doses of bithionol-s-oxide in the doses of 10mg., 20mg., 30mg., 50mg., 70mg., 75mg., and 90mg. per kg. body weight respectively. The three other dogs used as the control group. The size, shape and any changes in the adult worms were observed. With the slides stained by the ordinary H and E stain method and Heidenhain's iron hematoxylin method, general histological changes in the adult worms were observed. Mitochondira in the visceral organs of the adult worms were studied by light microscopy, after adult worms were fixed in formalin, ferric chloride, Helly's solution or Regaud's solution, and embedded in paraffin, sectioned, and stained by Heidlenhains's iron hematoxylin method or Altmann-Kull method. The submicroscopic detail of mitochondria was observed by HS-6 type electron microscope. the tissues of the adult worm were fixed in 1% osmium tetroxide with pH 7.4 veronal-acetate buffer, embedded in metacrylate, sliced at less than 0.1μ by the ultramicrtome, and examined. Results and Conclusions 1. It was shown that the lethal dose of bithionol-s-oxide for the adult worms ranged from 50 to 70 mg./kg. on the basis of study of the number, mobility and morphological changes in the adult worms in both experimental and control groups. 2. While no differences were noted in histological findings between the experimental groups (from 10 to 30 mg./kg.) and the control group, degenerative changes such as cloudy swelling, hyaline degeneration and karyolysis were observed with doses 50mg./kg. More severe degenerative changes were seen in the groups 70mg. and 90mg./kg, 3. In both experimental and control groups, the shape of mitochondria in the intestinal epithelia of the adult worms was generally round or elliptical. The morphological changes of mitochondria reflecting the different dosages of bithionol-s-oxide were as follows: 10mg./kg.……0.3μ in average diameter, similar to that of the control group. 20mg./kg.……Mitochondria wer swollen to 0.4-0.5μ. 30mg./kg.……Swollen further, then destructed or shrunken. Many irregular-sized Mitochondria(0.1-0.6μ) were seen. 50mg./kg.……Mitochondria disappeared completely. 4. The mitochondria of the testicular and ovarian cells were generally fewer and smaller than those of the intestianl epithelium, and the mitochondrial changes varying with the different doses parallelled with those found in the intestianl epithelium in the experimental group. The mitochondria of egg cells in the uterus and reticulum cells were elliptical, round or rod in shape. There were significant changes after bithionol-s-oxide administration. 5. The structural changes in mitochondria observed by electron microscopy after bithionol-s-oxide administration were as follows: 10mg./kg.……The same as those of the control group. 20 and 30 mg./kg.……Swelling, thining, destruction, and disappearance of the double membranes, degenerative, changes of the cristae such as irregular arrangement, severance, destruction and vacuole formation. These were presumed to be the result of destructive phenomena of the tricarboxylic acid cycle.
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