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한국 불임여성의 자궁난관조영술에 관한 임상적 고찰

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dc.description.abstract[한글] [영문] Hysterosalpingography has been universally accepted and approved method as a valuable aid in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and tubal pathology, especially for tubal patency. A clinical analysis has been made on 200 cases of known infertile patients by the view of hysterosalingogram. The results were as a follows : 1. In 200 cases of infertility, 121 cases primary and remaining 79 cases were secondary infertility. 2. Age distribution showed the peak at 25-29 year old group in primary infertility and at 30-34 year old group in secondary infertility, cases of which were 58 (47.9%) and 31 (39.3%) respectively. 3. 60 cases of this study shows 7-9 years of duration of infertility and it was longer in secondary than primary infertility. 4. In past history, pelvic inflammatory diseases were found in 22 cases (11.0%). diagnostic D & C in 19 cases (9.5%),appendectomy in 9 cases (4.5%), and induced abortion in 25 cases (12.5%) of secondary infertility. 5. Uterine shadow revealed 125 cases of normal finding and 30 cases of irregular uterine cavity shadow, which was 15.0% and predominant abnormal finding. 6. Tubal pathology was predominant lesion in hysterosalpingograpy and bilateral occlusion was noted in 104 cases (52.0%) and usilateral tubal occlusion was 32 cases (16.0%). There was no significant difference between right and left side. 7. In shape of tubes, hydrosalpinx of ampullar and fimbrial portion was predominant to the exclusion of patent tubes and cornual obstruction. 8. Sites of tubal occlusion were cornual in 30 cases, isthmic in 32 cases and ampullar and finbrial portion in 71 cases. 9. Intravasation, one of complication of ESG was noted in pelvicavity of 27 cases among 200 cases, which was 13.5%. 10. Abdominal dispersion of radiopaque material appeared in 96 cases (48.0%) of this study and most common appearance was bone geneous hazzy cloudy shape. 11. Normal hysterosalpingogram was noted in 42 cases (21.0%) and 116 cases (58.0%) was abnormal in one or more among uterine, tubal and intraabdominal shadow.-
dc.publisher연세대학교 대학원-
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dc.title한국 불임여성의 자궁난관조영술에 관한 임상적 고찰-
dc.title.alternativeClinical study of hysterosalpingograpy in Korean infertile woman-
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