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 Clinical and statistical study of allergens in the allergic rhinitis 
 Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology (이비인후과학교실) 
 Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology (이비인후과학교실) 
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Statistically analysed for the 101 cases with allergic rhinitis and 40 college students without any allergic symptoms as contrary group were chosen, and prick test and nasal eosinophile count were performed.

And the following results were obtained;

1. Among 101 allergic cases, male and female ratio showed 4:5.

2. The 54.5%(55 cases) of allergic group and 15%(6 cases) of contrary group showed positive reaction in allergic skin test, but no significant sex difference was found.

3. In 55 allergic positive cases, showed the peak incidence in 4th decade's aged group (27.3%), and next in order were 3rd and 5th decade's aged group (21.8%).

4. Twenty six causative allergens by skin test was verified, and the most frequent allergens were the animal hairs (43.4%) which were dominantly of cat, dog and horse, and next in frequency were the pollens (34.7%) and house dust (14.0%).

5. The most sensitive allergic reaction to house dust showed in before 5 years, animal hairs in 6-9 years, and pollens in 2nd-3rd decades aged groups.

6. Among 150 positives reaction in 55 patients, ++(60) was most frequent, and next in order were +(58), +++(26) and ++++(6).

7. The allergic rhinitis due to foods only 2% which included two cases of mussel and a case of mushroom.

8. Only 27% of the cases with positive skin test showed single allergen, and 73% was multiple allergens.

9. The most common combination of multiple allergens was between animal hairs each, animal hairs and horse dust, pollens each, and pollens and house dust in order.

10. Among 101 cases of allergic rhinitis, 56.4% (57 cases) showed the nasal eosinophilia and 64.9% (30 cases) of these revealed positive allergic skin test.
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