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이식 탈회골의 골화에 대한 실험적 연구

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 Osteogenesis induced by implantation of decalcified homogenous and heterogenous bones in rats 
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0.5M HC1로 탈회한 백서골 분말 및 우골 분말을 이용하여 백서의 복부 피하에 동종골 이식과 이종골 이식 수술을 실시하였다. 이식된 탈회골 분말을 포함한 주위 조직을 3일 간격으로 10회에 걸쳐 적출하였다. 조직표본은 소정양식에 따라 hematoxylineosin으로 염색하여 제작하였으며, 광학현미경으로 탈회된 백서골 분말 및 우골 분말 이식에 의한 골화 과정의 시기별 조직학적 소견의 차이와, 형성된 골의 시기별 양적 차이를 관찰하여 다음과 같은 결과를 얻었다.

1. 탈회된 백서골 및 우골 분말의 피하 이식에 의한 골화 과정은 모두 연골내골화였으며 시기별로 동일한 변화과정을 나타냈다.

2. 탈회된 백서골 분말 및 우골 분말의 피하 이식에 의하여 새로이 형성된 골의 양적 차이는 발견할 수 없었다.


The most effective osseous graft material is the fresh autogenous bone in clinical practice and experimental studies.

However, there are some problems in use of fresh autogenous bone graft, such as donor-site morbidity and the limitation in amount of available autogenous bone.

Since the introduction of decalcified bone as grafting material by Senn(1889), decalcified bone has been studied as substitute for autogenous tone. The implantation of decalcified bone segment or powder in soft tissue has been established as a laboratory model for studing bone induction.

Author decalcified bone powders particle size:74-420 m) of rat and ox with 0.5M HC1 and implanted each powder in rat's abdomen subcutaneously. Thereafter, periodic observation was made histologically up to 30 days. Comparative studies were carried out to determine differences in histological sequence of induced

osteogenesis and quantity of new bone.

The results were as follow:

1. Implantation of decalcified bone powders of fat and ok to subcutaneous site in rats resulted in new bone formation by an enchondral sequence and there were no differences in histological change periodically.

2. There were no differences in quantity of new bone.
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