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아토피 피부염에서 각질형성세포의 thymic stromal lymphopoietin 발현

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 Expression of Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin in Keratinocytes of Atopic Dermatitis Patients and Normal Controls 
 오문호  ;  박창욱  ;  이광훈  ;  이주희 
 Korean Journal of InvestigativeDermatology (대한피부연구학회지), Vol.12(4) : 93-101, 2005 
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 Korean Journal of InvestigativeDermatology (대한피부연구학회지) 
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Thymic stromal lymphopoietin ; Atopic dermatitis ; Keratinocytes
Thymic stromal lymphopoietin ; Atopic dermatitis ; Keratinocytes
Human thymic stromal lymphopoietin(TSLP) is a novel IL-7-like cytokine produced by human epithelial, stromal, and mast cells. TSLP-activated human DCs produce Th2-attracting chemokines such as TARC and MDC but not IL-12. TSLP-DCs induce the generation of CD4+ Th cells with a pro-allergic phenotype and also induce the differentiation of CD8+ T cells into IL-5 and IL-13-producing cytolytic effector cells. It has been reported that TSLP is highly expressed in the lesional keratinocytes of atopic dermatitis but not in the non-lesional keratinocytes of atopic dermatitis and other types of disease with skin inflammation. We performed our study to verify the differential expression of TSLP in keratinocytes from lesional, non-lesional sites of atopic dermatitis and normal control. We also observed the expression of TSLP in normal keratinocytes treated with various cytokines. Our study shows that TSLP is expressed all by keratinocytes of normal controls, lesional and non-lesional sites of atopic dermatitis patients. However, TSLP is much highly expressed in lesional keratinocytes of atopic dermatitis than in non-lesional and normal keratinocytes using confocal laser microscopy and immunohistochemistry methods. TSLP expressions did not differ among untreated keratinocytes and keratinocytes treated with IL-4, TNF-α, TGF-β and KGF.
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