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연골하 낭종을 동반한 거골의 골연골 병변의 관절경적 치료 후 임상적 결과 및 방사선학적 변화

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 Clinical and Radiologic Results of Arthroscopic Treatment for Osteochondral Lesion with Subchondral Cyst on Talus 
 이진우  ;  박관규  ;  강웅식  ;  강응식  ;  한수봉 
 Journal of the Korean Society of Foot Surgery (대한족부외과학회지), Vol.7(1) : 21-29, 2003 
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 Journal of the Korean Society of Foot Surgery (대한족부외과학회지) 
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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to review clinical and radiologic changes after arthroscopic operation without bone graft for osteochondral lesion with subchondral cyst on the talus. And we compared the results with those without cyst. Radiologic changes were also observed. Materials and Methods: Arthroscopic microfrature or abrasion arthroplasty was performed on 10 caeses of osteochondral lesions with subchondral cyst and 20 cases without cysts. Preoperative and postoperative symptoms were evaluated by Ankle-Hind foot scale of AOFAS and the score of two groups were compared(t-Test : Paired Two Test for Means). Radiologic evaluation was performed after operation on patients with osteochondral lesion with cyst. Results: On patients of osteochondral lesion with subchondral cyst on talus, there was clinical improvement compared to the preoperative status and compared to patients without cysts(P=0.01) after arthroscopic operation. We could get increase of density and decrease of size of cystic lesion on plain film with time passage. Conclusion: We report 10 cases with osteochondral lesion with subchondral cyst on talus which resulted in clinical and radiological improvement after arthroscopic microfracture or abrasion arthroplasty without bone graft.
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Kang, Eung Shick(강응식)
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