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중간엽 줄기세포를 이용한 추간판내 유전자 치료 : 퇴행성 추간판 질환에서 치료적 의미

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 Mesenchymanl Stem Cell Based Intradiscal Gene Therapy: Therapeutic Implication in Degenerative Disc Disease 
 김향  ;  권언혜  ;  이광일  ;  송기홍  ;  신승엽  ;  박시영  ;  박진오  ;  이환모  ;  문성환 
 Journal of Korean Society of Spine Surgery (대한척추외과학회지), Vol.11(2) : 67-76, 2004 
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 Journal of Korean Society of Spine Surgery (대한척추외과학회지) 
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Mesenchymal stem cell ; disc cell ; TGF-b1 ; adenovirus ; gene therapy
Study Design In-vitro experiments using human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), intervertebral disc (IVD) cells and type 5 adenovirus/transforming growth factor-β1 construct (Ad/TGF-β1). Objectives To determine the effect of MSC-based gene therapy for matrix regeneration of IVD cells. Summary of Literature Review MSCs are known to be multipotent in tissue regeneration. In degeneration of IVD, cellular replacement with genetic modification other than that of IVD cells may prove an enhanced mechanism for the regeneration of IVD cells. Materials and Methods MSCs and IVD cells were cultured and an adenovirus construct containing TGF-β1 cDNA (Ad/TGF-β1) was also produced. In the first step, the MSCs were transduced with Ad/TGF-β1, then mixed with IVD cells in various proportions and three dimensionally cultured. [methyl-3H]Thymidine and [35S]Sulfur incorporation for DNA and proteoglycan synthesis, respectively, were measured. RT-PCR was performed to assess the aggrecan and collagen types I and II mRNA expressions Results Mixed cultures of MSC and IVD cells showed relatively similar amounts of newly synthesized proteoglycan compared with cultures of IVD cells only. In mixed cultures transduced with Ad/TGF-β1, there were significant decreases in newly synthesized proteoglycan with increasing the proportions of MSCs, which was also found with the aggrecan and collagen type II mRNA expressions. However, the collagen type I mRNA expression increased with increased proportions of MSCs transduced with Ad/TGF-β1 Conclusion Cell therapy with MSCs and IVD cells provided a mechanism for cellular augmentation. However, MSC-based gene therapy coupled with IVD cells did not maintain a chondrogenic phenotype.
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