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인체 방광 이행상피세포암에서 p53 및 p73 유전자의 표현

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 Expression of p53 and p73 Genes in Human Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder 
 최영득  ;  박진아  ;  홍성준  ;  이혜영  ;  조강수  ;  양원재  ;  조남훈 
 KOREAN JOURNAL OF UROLOGY, Vol.45(12) : 1209-1214, 2004 
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Bladder tumor ; p53 genes ; p73 protein ; Mutation
Purpose: We analyzed the tissue samples of bladder transitional cell carcinoma (TCCa) for both the p53 and p73 gene, and we attempted to elucidate their possible roles in the pathogenesis of bladder TCCa. Materials and Methods: After homogenizing 33 samples of bladder TCCa and 3 normal bladder tissues, the genomic DNA was isolated for PCR. The primers used for PCR were exon 5-10 for p53 and exon 8 and 13 for p73. The mutation analysis was performed by an automatic sequencing analyzer. The results were compared to the grade and stage of the bladder cancers. Results: Mutations of p53 and p73 were noted in 18 (54.5%) and 19 samples (57.6%), respectively, out of 33 bladder cancer tissue samples. The frequency of p53 mutation were significantly higher for invasive and high grade cancer (p=0.04). Mutation of p73 show no statistically significant difference according to invasiveness (p=0.224); however, it show a significantly higher incidence in high grade cancer (p=0.026). Simultaneous mutations of p53 and p73 show a significant increase in higher grade cancer (p=0.025) and in the higher cancer stages (p=0.045). Recurrence-free probabilities for patients with superficial bladder cancer were significantly correlated with the p53 and p73 mutation. Conclusions: Mutation of p73, as well as p53, which is already known as a predictor for the recurrence and progression of bladder cancer, also seems to be related to the pathogenesis and prognostic factors of TCCa of the bladder.
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