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 Expression of Apoptosis-Related Proteins on Germ Cells in Neonatal Mouse Ovary 
 조동제  ;  박철홍  ;  윤용달  ;  김세광  ;  윤정미  ;  박주현  ;  양현원 
 Development & Reproduction (발생과 생식), Vol.8(1) : 27-33, 2004 
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Development & Reproduction(발생과 생식)
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Bax ; CAD ; Caspase-3 ; Fas/Fas ligand ; Germ cell ; Neonatal mouse ovary
To investigate the mechanism of germ cell death in postnatal stage of mouse, the involvement of apoptotic executioners, caspase-3 and caspase-activated DNase(CAD), and apoptotic initiators, Bax, Fas and Fas ligand, in the germ cell death has been studied. Immuno-labels of active caspase-3 and CAD were located in TUNEL-positive, apoptotic, oocytes as well as normal oocytes of primary or secondary follicles. CAD immuno-labels were also detected in the nucleus of TUNEL-positive oocytes. Most of oocytes showing positive immuno-labeling of active caspase-3 or CAD had vacuoles in their cytoplasm, which is the morphological characteristic of oocyte during follicular atresia. Bax immuno-stains were detected in the atretic oocytes which showed the vacuole in their cytoplasm. Positive immuno-labels for Fas ligand was localized in TUNEL-positive or atretic oocytes. Presence of immunoreactivity of active caspase-3 and CAD in TUNEL-positive germ cells implicate that active caspase-3 and CAD might play a role in germ cell apoptosis during early development of mouse ovarian follicle. Immunohistochemical localization of Bax and Fas ligand in TUNEL-positive oocytes suggests that these might be the most plausible modulator of oocyte apoptosis.
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