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의료급여 사례관리사업의 효과성 평가에 관한 연구-삶의 질 향상과 의료급여 재정안정화를 중심으로-

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 A study on the effectiveness of medicaid case management program 
 이익섭  ;  김동기 
 Journal of Korean Social Welfare Administration (한국사회복지행정학), Vol.8(1) : 39-66, 2006 
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Journal of Korean Social Welfare Administration(한국사회복지행정학)
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medicaid ; case management ; the quality of life ; medicaid finance
A main purpose of this study is to evaluate effect of the medicaid case management project. In other words, it is to estimate whether or not a medicaid case management project achieves two purposes which are quality of life elevation of medicaid recipient and medicaid finance stabilization.Based on the Solromon 4 group designs, total 448 people in the preliminary business area and near area were extracted as the investigation subjects by the random sampling among the medicaid recipients who are suffering with arthritis, high blood pressure, cerebral apoplexy, diabetes etc. This study investigation executed by 2 tiers and 3 times. a First tier investigation was acted in a post-test, but a second tier one was done in both pretest and post-test.The findings on survey is that considering the short business period of three months, immature medicaid case manager in business and all sorts of poor service environments, the quality of life of the medicaid recipients who are vulnerable in physical, psychological and emotional conditions was improved and the reduction effect in medicaid finance might be appeared through medicaid case management project.Therefore this study is designed to suggest constant monitoring and evaluation of these program and to offer continuous reeducation, supervision and a improvement of service environment about the case manager, so that a medicaid case management program-which is now implemented as demonstration program- may be settled down as national policy business.
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