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인터넷 사이트를 통해 살펴본 의료사고 및 의료분쟁의 현황에 관한 분석

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 The Analysis of the Current Status of Medical Accidents and Disputes Researched in the Korean Web Sites 
 차유림  ;  권정승  ;  최종훈  ;  김종열 
 Journal of Korean Academy of Oral Medicine (대한구강내과학회지), Vol.31(4) : 297-316, 2006 
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 Journal of Korean Academy of Oral Medicine (대한구강내과학회지) 
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Medical disputes ; Medical accidents ; Web sites ; Establishers
The increasing tendency of medical disputes is one of the remarkable social phenomena. Especially we must not overlook the phenomenon that production and circulation of information related to medical accidents is increasing rapidly through the internet. In this research, we evaluated the web sites which provide the information related to medical accidents using the keyword "medical accidents" in March 2006, and classified the 28 web sites according to the kinds of establishers. We also analyzed the contents of the sites, and checked and compared the current status of the web sites and problems that have to be improved. Finally, we suggested the possible solutions to prevent medical accidents. The detailed results were listed below. 1. Medical practitioners, general public, and lawyers were all familiar with and prefer the term "medical accidents" mainly. 2. In the number of sites searched by the keyword "medical accidents", lawyer had the most sites and medical practitioners had the least ones. 3. Many sites by general public and lawyers had their own medical record analysts but there was little professional analysts for dentistry. 4. General public were more interested in the prevention of medical accidents but the lawyers were more interested in the process after medical accidents. The sites by medical practitioners dealt with the least remedies of medical accidents, compared with other sites. 5. General public wanted the third party such as government intervention into the disputes including the medical dispute arbitration law or/and the establishment of independent medical dispute judgment institution. 6. In the comparison among the establishers of web sites, medical practitioners dealt with the least examples of medical accidents. 7. The suggestion of cases in counseling articles related to dental accidents were considered less importantly than the reality. 8. Whereas there were many articles about domestic cases related to the bloody dental treatment, in the open counseling articles the number of dental treatment regarding to non insurance treatment was large. 9. In comparing offered information of medical accidents based on the establishers, general public offered vocabularies, lawyers offered related laws and medical practitioners offered medical knowledge relatively. 10. They all cited the news pressed by the media to offer the current status of domestic medical accidents. Especially among the web sites by general public, NGOs provided the plentiful statistical data related to medical accidents. 11. The web sites that collect the medical accidents were only two. As a result of our research, we found out that, in the flood of information, medical disputes can be occurred by the wrong information from third party, and the medical practitioners have the most passive attitudes on the medical accidents. Thus, it is crucial to have the mutual interchange and exchange of information between lawyer, patients and medical practitioners, so that based on clear mutual comprehension we can solve the accidents and disputes more positively and actively.
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