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의료법 개정의 필요성에 관한 연구 - 외국 의료관련법제와의 비교를 중심으로 -

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 A Study of the Necessary Revision in Korean Medical Law- A Comparative Study of Medical Laws in Other Countries 
 이일학  ;  권오탁  ;  손명세 
 Korean Journal of Medicine and Law (한국의료법학회지), Vol.14(2) : 55-69, 2006 
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 Korean Journal of Medicine and Law (한국의료법학회지) 
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Korean Medical Laws ; Public Health System ; Comparative Studies of Medical Laws ; American Medical Laws ; Britain Medical Laws ; France Medical Laws ; Japan Medical Laws
Since the revision of the whole range of medical laws in 1973, there have been parent laws that contain stipulations dealing with general matters in the medical field. As times change and many revisions are made, the need for the reorganization of the system of laws as a whole presents itself. The following are proposed revisions to Korea"s medical laws based on comparative studies of medical laws and systems in America, Britain, France, and Japan. First, regulations which are vague and inconsistent and medical laws that are inadequate or incomplete must be revised and resolved. Second, a public health system that can develop a foundation which balances community, efficiency, and security needs, as well as individual freedom, must be prepared. Third, through revisions of medical laws, corresponding active policies related to medical institutions and personnel can be made possible as public health skills develop. As well, plans to deal with issues such as the prohibition of unlicensed or unauthorized work within the sphere of medical personnel must be prepared.
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