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Haemonetics MCS 3p에 의한 혈소판 성분채혈 후 혈소판 감소율, 회수량 및 효율에 대한 연구

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 A Study on the Decrease of Platelet Count, Yield, and Efficiency after Plateletpheresis 
 김종화  ;  강명서  ;  남정모  ;  이미화 
 Korean Journal of Clinical Laboratory Science (대한임상검사학회지), Vol.38(1) : 1-8, 2006 
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 Korean Journal of Clinical Laboratory Science (대한임상검사학회지) 
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Plateletpheresis ; yield ; efficiency ; Platelet decrement
The purposes of this study were to evaluate the changes in hematologic indices after plateletpheresis and to identify the preapheresis platelet count and clinical factors (age, gender, height, and weight) that showed some influence on the percentage of platelet decrement, yield and efficiency. Plateletpheresis was performed on 101 healthy donors in Bundang CHA general hospital. The data was analyzed using the SAS program with t-test, ANOVA test and Multiple regression. The mean percentage decrease after plateletpheresis was 2.0% in hemoglobin, 1.8% in hematocrit, and 29.7% in the platelet count, while a WBC count showed an increase of 2.6%. The mean percentage decrease of hemoglobin and hematocrit were 1.7% and 1.4%, in males and 3.6% and 3.7% in females, respectively. Particularly the percentage decrease of platelet count was significantly higher in females (40.0%) than in males (27.2%). The platelet decrementage and yield were significantly higher in females, but the efficiency did not differ significantly between males and females. The yield showed the lowest levels in subjects who were 40 years old or over but the platelet decrement and efficiency did not change according to age. The platelet decrement increased as height and weight increased. Also, the platelet decrement and yield increased as the initial platelet counts increased, but the efficiency did not. From multiple regression analysis, the platelet decrement was associated with gender, weight, and initial platelet count. The yield was related to the initial platelet count, but the efficiency was not related to gender, age, weight, height or initial platelet counts. This study has a limitation of the generality of the study results since this study was conducted only in a single university hospital. Further study would be necessary to find out a subpopulation that is sensitive to the hematologic change after plateletpheresis, and to determine the standard criteria for blood donation based on the subpopulation.
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