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손상된 토끼 굴건과 건초의 회복과정 중 생산된 성장인자들의 정량적 분석

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 Quantitative Analysis of Growth Factor Production in Rabbit Flexor Tendon and Tendon Sheath after Injury 
 강호정  ;  정현수  ;  허만승  ;  이대영  ;  한수봉  ;  성승용 
 Journal of the Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand, Vol.13(2) : 86-91, 2008 
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 Journal of the Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand (대한수부외과학회지) 
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Growth factor ; Tendon ; Quantitative analysis
Purpose: Growth factors have some rolls in the healing of injured tissues, but the relationships are obscure. It is essential to isolate and identify the peptide growth factors responsible for the tissue response to injury. This is the purpose of our study. Materials and Methods: In 12 rabbits, the flexor digitorum profundus tendons were partially divided. At each of four different time intervals following injury, three animals were sacrificed. The tissue segments were incubated. PDGF-AB, TGF-β1, TGF-β2, bFGF, and EGF were detected by ELISA technique. Results: In 2nd day, there was a presence of PDGFAB. TGF-β’s were detected from the tendons in the 4th day. A small EGF was detected form the tendons at day 4, and a moderate amount from tendon sheaths at day 18. Independent of time, only detectable quantities of bFGF were present in the uninjured tendons and tendon sheaths. Conclusion: This is the first demonstration of detecting and quantifying the in vivo synthesis of multiple growth factors using ELISA. These findings suggest that during the early stages of the healing process, the site of injury may produce considerable amount of growth factors, and that there is a time dependent sequential production of these growth factors.
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