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식도이완불능증의 풍선확장술 치료 전, 후의 임상 증상과 영상 소견 간의 상관 관계

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 Correlation between Clinical Symptoms and Radiologic Findings before and after Pneumatic Balloon Dilatation for Achalasia 
 문종태  ;  정인수  ;  김영신  ;  조승현  ;  박효진  ;  이상인 
 Korean Journal of Gastroenterology, Vol.52(1) : 16-20, 2008 
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 Korean Journal of Gastroenterology (대한소화기학회지) 
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Achalasia ; Dysphagia ; Esophagography ; Esophageal scan
Background/Aims: We investigated the risk factors for short-term recurrence and analyzed the correlation between subjective clinical symtoms and objective radiological findings in patients with achalasia undergoing pneumatic balloon dilatation. Methods: Twenty patients who were treated by pneumatic balloon dilatation were enrolled. We compared prospectively various indices before and after the treatment as follows: 1) Eckardt symptom score and dysphagia grade, 2) The ratio of the maximal width in mid-esophageal lumen to the minimal width in distal esophagus around lower esophageal sphincter, and 3) the percentage of maximum activity retained in the esophagus at 30 seconds and T½ in esophageal scan two days after the treatment. Results: 1) Clinical indices and radiologic indices significantly improved after pneumatic dilatation. 2) There was no significant correlation between the clinical indices and the radiologic indices before and after the treatment. 3) The difference percentage of clinical indices did not show significant correlation with the difference percentage of the radiologic indices. 4) Compared to the group above 20% in the difference percentage of 30 second residual fraction, the one below 20% had a four-fold risk in short-term recurrence. Conclusions: Clinical symptoms and radiologic indices significantly improve after pneumatic dilatation but have no significant correlation to each other. The group below 20% in the difference percentage of 30 second residual fraction has a high risk of recurrence and may need careful examination and early repeated pneumatic dilation
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Kim, Young Shin(김영신)
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Jung, In Su(정인수)
Cho, Seung Hyun(조승현)
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