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가려움증을 동반한 습진 치료에서의 Fexofenadine 경구요법의 유효성 및 안전성 평가

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 Efficacy and Safety of Fexofenadine in the Treatment of Pruritus Associated with Eczema 
 김영훈  ;  고주연  ;  문기찬  ;  박영민  ;  서영준  ;  유재학  ;  이광훈  ;  이승철  ;  이애영  ;  김성언  ;  장호선  ;  허충림  ;  노영석 
 Korean Journal of Dermatology (대한피부과학회지), Vol.46(2) : 151-159, 2008 
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Korean Journal of Dermatology(대한피부과학회지)
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Allergic contact dermatitis ; Antihistamine ; Atopic dermatitis ; Eczema ; Fexofenadine
Background: Fexofenadine (Allegra(R)) is a H1-receptor selective antihistamine which exhibits consistent efficacy and safety in the treatment of allergic diseases. We thought that fexofenadine may be useful in treatment of the pruritus associated with eczema. Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of exofenadine in the treatment of pruritus associated with eczema. Methods: In this study, patients with atopic and allergic contact dermatitis were divided into a group given fexofenadine 180 mg once daily with topical prednicarbate treatment group or a topical prednicarbate treatment only group, for 1 week. The primary efficacy parameter was the mean change from baseline in pruritus score, and the secondary parameters were the mean change in the incidence of scratching, the mean change in visual analogue scale (0∼100 mm) of pruritus, and a comparison of patient satisfaction. Results: 435 patients were included and the mean age was 32.9 years old. The mean pruritus score at baseline was 3.55 point in fexofenadine group and 3.51 point in the control group. Regarding the mean change in pruritus score, fexofenadine significantly decreased the severity of pruritus compared with the control group (p<0.05). There were no significant differences in the decrease in the incidence of scratching between the two groups. A decrease in pruritus levels utilizing visual analogue scale was significant in the fexofenadine group (p<0.05) and patient satisfaction was significantly higher in the fexofenadine group (p=0.0192). There was no significant difference in the incidence of adverse events between two groups (p=0.6237). Conclusion: Fexofenadine administered 180 mg once daily in combination with topical prednicarbate treatment was effective and well tolerated in this study
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