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숨은음경의 수술적 교정 후 환자 보호자 만족도 조사

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 Long-term Outcome and Parents’ Satisfaction after the Correction of Concealed Penis 
 오철영  ;  이혜영  ;  홍창희  ;  한상원 
 Korean Journal of Pediatric Urology (대한소아비뇨기과학회지), Vol.1(1) : 58-63, 2009 
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Korean Journal of Pediatric Urology(대한소아비뇨기과학회지)
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Penis ; Surgery ; Treatment outcome
Purpose: Although there are multiple published report of surgical technique for concealed penis and the short-term result of the surgical correction, but there is a paucity of report concerning of the long term follow up data and parents’ satisfaction. We report our long-term results of the surgical treatment of concealed penis focus on parent satisfaction

Patients and Methods: Medical data of 45 patients treated for concealed penis in Severance hospital from 1999 to 2001 were collected and reviewed retrospectively. The parents were questioned about the initial problem that they associated with concelaled penis, such as appearance, hygiene problem and infection problem via telephone interview.

Results: Thirty two patients visited the OPD of pediatric urology because of the problem of hygiene, negative appearance and medical problem such as balanoposthitis (group 1) while 13 patients were referred by primary physician (group 2). Mean age was 2.6 yrs and mean duration of follow up was 7.8 yrs. All patients in group 1 and 89% of group 2 complained of difficulty with hygiene before surgery. Following surgery, group 1 patients fared better reporting improvements in hygiene (91%), accessibility (86%) and improved appearance of the penis (97%). Results from surgical intervention were less successful in group 2, with improved hygiene in 85%, improved penile lengthening in 75% and improved appearance in 77% of patients.

Conclusions: Our long term outcome data demonstrate that most parents thought that surgical correction is helpful to keep hygiene of penis and improve the appearance of penis. Most parents still viewed surgery as a positive intervention and would recommend it to a friend with similar condition
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