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백원선 [Baek, Won-Sun]
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College of Dentistry - Dept. of Periodontology

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2017Long-term outcomes of dental implants placed in elderly patients: a retrospective clinical and radiographic analysis백원선, 정의원, 조규성, 최성호Article
2016근단변위판막술과 함께 유리치은이식술을사용하여 임플란트 주변 각화치은을 증대시킨2건의 증례 보고 백원선, 이중석, 정의원, 차재국Article
2015Bone formation around rhBMP-2-coated implants in rabbit sinuses with or without absorbable collagen sponge grafting 백원선, 윤소라, 이중석, 정의원, 최성호Article
2015Assessment of dehydrothermally cross-linked collagen membrane for guided bone regeneration around peri-implant dehiscence defects: a randomized single-blinded clinical trial 백원선, 이재홍, 이중석, 정의원, 차재국, 최성호Article