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배정희 [Bae, Jung Hee]
Department :
College of Dentistry - Dept. of Oral Biology
(Yonsei Health Research Network)

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2017Neuromuscular structure of the tibialis anterior muscle for functional electrical stimulation김희진, 나동욱, 박은숙, 배정희Article
2017Anatomical insights of the palmaris brevis muscle for clinical procedures of the hand김희진, 배정희Article
2016Clinical Signs and Subjective Symptoms of Temporomandibular Disorders in Instrumentalists 권정승, 김성택, 배정희Article
2016Clinical Implications of the Extension of Platysmal Fibers on the Middle and Lower Face김희진, 배정희, 윤관현, 허경석Article
2015An anatomical study of the risorius in Asians and its insertion at the modiolus김홍산, 김희진, 배정희, 허경석Article
2014Surgical consideration of the anatomic origin of the risorius in relation to facial planes김희진, 배정희, 허경석Article
2014Topography of the greater palatine artery and the palatal vault for various types of periodontal plastic surgery김희진, 배정희, 정의원, 허경석Article
2014Anatomical considerations of the longitudinal pharyngeal muscles in relation to their function on the internal surface of pharynx.김희진, 배정희, 최다예, 허경석Article
2014The risorius muscle: anatomic considerations with reference to botulinum neurotoxin injection for masseteric hypertrophy김희진, 배정희, 이재기, 최다예Article