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2012Alpha amplitude and phase locking in obsessive-compulsive disorder during working memory김세주, 김재진, 남궁기, 박진영, 박해정Article
2012A randomized trial of mesenchymal stem cells in multiple system atrophy김동준, 김한수, 김현옥, 남정모, 남효석, 박해정, 손영호, 이종두, 이지은, 이필휴, 정준원Article
2011Prestimulus top-down reflection of obsessive-compulsive disorder in EEG frontal theta and occipital alpha oscillations.김세주, 박진영, 박해정Article
2011Distortion correction of high b-valued and high angular resolution diffusion images using iterative simulated images박해정Article
2011Consonant chords stimulate higher EEG gamma activity than dissonant chords박진영, 박해정Article
2011Motor pathway injury in patients with periventricular leucomalacia and spastic dipl 김동구, 김응엽, 김철훈, 나동욱, 박범희, 박은숙, 박준영, 박창일, 박해정, 이종두, 조성래Article
2011The pattern of cortical atrophy in patients with Parkinson's disease according to cognitive status박해정, 손영호, 이종두, 이지은, 이필휴Article
2011한국 아동 집단의 구조 뇌연결지도 박해정Article
2011Decoding Brain States Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging박범희, 박해정, 이동하Article
2011A method for anisotropic spatial smoothing of functional magnetic resonance images using distance transformation of a structural image박해정, 이동하, 이종두Article
2011Neural correlates in the processing of phoneme-level complexity in vowel production박해정Article
2011Activation of the Occipital Cortex and Deactivation of the Default Mode Network During Working Memory in the Early Blind.김재진, 김중일, 박범희, 박해정, 이종두, 전지원Article
2010A comparative analysis of cognitive profiles and white-matter alterations using voxel-based diffusion tensor imaging between patients with Parkinson's disease dementia and dementia with Lewy bodies박해정, 손영호, 송숙근, 이종두, 이지은, 이필휴Article
2010A comparison of gray and white matter density in patients with Parkinson's disease dementia and dementia with Lewy bodies using voxel-based morphometry박해정, 이필휴Article
2010교육에서의 긍정적 감성의 역할박해정Article
2010Neuroanatomic basis of amnestic MCI differs in patients with and without Parkinson disease박해정, 손영호, 이종두, 이지은, 이필휴Article
2010Task-related modulation of anterior theta and posterior alpha EEG reflects top-down preparation 박해정Article
2010The frontal and temporal lobe in the identification of laryngeal contrasts박해정Article
2009Abnormal brain response during the auditory emotional processing in schizophrenic patients with chronic auditory hallucinations강지인, 김재진, 박해정, 석정호Article
2009Comparison of various imaging modalities in localization of epileptogenic lesion using epilepsy surgery outcome in pediatric patients김동석, 김흥동, 박해정, 배선준, 이윤진, 이준수, 최금옥Article
2009Triple-layer appearance of Brodmann area 4 at thin-section double inversion-recovery MR imaging김응엽, 박해정, 유은혜, 이재욱, 장종희Article
2009Evaluation of bayesian tensor estimation using tensor coherence.박해정Article
2009Morphological alterations in the congenital blind based on the analysis of cortical thickness and surface area김응엽, 김재진, 박해정, 이성철, 이종두Article
2009Alterations of white matter diffusion anisotropy in early deafness김진아, 박해정Article
2009Medial prefrontal default-mode hypoactivity affecting trait physical anhedonia in schizophrenia김재진, 박일호, 박해정, 이종두, 정영철Article
2009Anhedonia and ambivalence in schizophrenic patients with fronto-cerebellar metabolic abnormalities: a fluoro-d-glucose positron emission tomography study. 김재진, 박경민, 박해정, 이종두Article
2009Evaluative processing of ambivalent stimuli in patients with schizophrenia and depression: a [15O] H2O PET study김재진, 박해정, 석정호, 이종두, 정영철Article
2008Prefrontal functional dissociation in the semantic network of patients with schizophrenia김응엽, 김재진, 박일호, 박해정Article
2008Dysfunctional modulation of emotional interference in the medial prefrontal cortex in patients with schizophrenia김응엽, 김재진, 박일호, 박해정Article
2008Measuring fractional anisotropy of the corpus callosum using diffusion tensor imaging: mid-sagittal versus axial imaging planes 김응엽, 김진아, 박해정, 이승구Article
2008Reciprocal activation of the orbitofrontal cortex and the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex in processing ambivalent stimuli김재진, 박해정, 이종두, 정영철Article
2008Prestimulus EEG alpha activity reflects temporal expectancy김재진, 박진영, 박해정Article
2008Quantification of thalamocortical tracts in schizophrenia on probabilistic maps김재진, 박진영, 박해정Article
2008SENSE factors for reliable cortical thickness measurement김응엽, 박해정Article
2008Different hemispheric specializations for pitch and audioverbal working memory강지인, 김세주, 박해정, 이종두Article
2008Corpus callosal connection mapping using cortical gray matter parcellation and DT-MRI김동익, 박해정, 이승구, 이종두Article
2007뇌기능 양전자방출단층촬영영상 분석 기법의 방법론적 고찰박해정Article
2007Volumetric abnormalities in connectivity-based subregions of the thalamus in patients with chronic schizophrenia김재진, 박해정Article
2007Assessment of regional GABAA receptor binding using 18F-fluoroflumazenil positron emission tomography in spastic type cerebral palsy김동구, 김동익, 김응엽, 김재진, 나동욱, 박은숙, 박창일, 박해정, 유영훈, 윤미진, 이종두Article
2007A review of diffusion tensor imaging studies in schizophrenia 박해정Article
2007White matter abnormalities in drug-naïve patients with obsessive–compulsive disorder: a Diffusion Tensor Study before and after citalopram treatment박해정Article
2007Visualization of maturation of the corpus callosum during childhood and adolescence using T2 relaxometry김동익, 김동준, 김응엽, 김진아, 박해정, 유은혜, 이승구Article
2007White matter abnormalities associated with auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia: A combined study of voxel-based analyses of diffusion tensor imaging and structural magnetic resonance imaging김재진, 박해정, 석정호, 이승구, 조현상Article
2007Reorganization of neural circuits in the blind on diffusion direction analysis김응엽, 박해정, 이성철, 이종두Article
2007안정상태 뇌 대사 활성도에 반영된 정신분열병 환자와 정상인에서의 감정이입과 기분인식 관련 뇌 영역 김재진, 박일호, 박해정, 이종두, 정영철Article
2006정상인에서 양가감정과 관련된 뇌 영역 : 양전자방출단층촬영 상관 연구김재진, 박해정, 이종두Article
2006Recovery of a partially damaged corticospinal tract in a patient with intracerebral hemorrhage: A diffusion tensor image study박해정Article
2006Cortical surface-based analysis of 18F-FDG PET: Measured metabolic abnormalities in schizophrenia are affected by cortical structural abnormalities김재진, 박해정, 윤미진, 이종두Article
2006Increased water diffusivity in the frontal and temporal cortices of schizophrenic patients박해정Article
2006Smaller Neocortical Gray Matter and Larger Sulcal Cerebrospinal Fluid Volumes in Neuroleptic-Naive Women With Schizotypal Personality Disorder박해정Article