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2002Assessment of chromosomal losses and gains in hepatocellular carcinoma김호근, 박찬일Article
2002칼시토닌 발현과 아밀로이드 축적을 보인 중이의 유암종 -1예 보고- 박찬일Article
2002a-연쇄상 구균과 혼합감염된 원발성 간성 방선균증 1예 박찬일, 송영구Article
2002Histologic Changes of Pulmonary Arteries in Congenital Heart Disease with Left-to-Right Shunt (Part 2): Emphasis on the Significance of Pulmonary Arterial Concentration in the Correlation with Pulmonary Hemodynamics after Repair 고신옥, 박찬일, 최규옥Article
2002Congenital immature teratoma of the tongue: An autopsy case김진, 박찬일Article
2002대장 및 직장암의 병기 결정에 있어서 hydrocolonic sonography의 유용성 박찬일, 송시영Article
2002Intestinal type cholangiocarcinoma of intrahepatic large bile duct associated with hepatolithiasis--a new histologic subtype for further investigation.박영년, 박찬일Article
2002방광암 환자에서 방광내 BCG 점적술 시행 후 발생한 육아종성 간염 1 예 박찬일, 이관식, 정병하Article
2002Radiographic findings of primary B-cell lymphoma of the stomach: Low-grade versus high-grade malignancy in relation to the mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue concept김기황, 김명진, 박미숙, 박찬일, 유영훈, 유정식, 유형식, 이광훈, 이종태Article
2002Induction of telomerase activity during an early burst of proliferation in pancreatic regeneration박영년, 박찬일, 오봉경Article
2001Chromosomal alterations in paired gastric adenomas and carcinomas 김남균, 김호근, 박찬일Article
2001혈관근지방종 박영년, 박찬일Article
2001Apoptosis and proliferation in hepatocarcinogenesis related to cirrhosis박영년, 박찬일Article
2001간세포암종의 다중심성 발생 박영년, 박찬일Article
2001담관 유두종증 박영년, 박찬일Article
2001위유암종에 의해 유발된 위십이지장중첩증 1예 박찬일, 유정식Article
2001간내결석증과 동반된 장형 담관상피암종 박영년, 박찬일Article
2001간침생검 조직에서 간세포성 담즙정체를 보인 62예에 대한 병리학적 분석: 약물과 독소에 의한 간손상 김명진, 박찬일Article
2001Expression of hepatitis B virus X protein is closely correlated with the high periportal inflammatory activity of liver diseases박찬일Article
2001Increased proliferation activities of vascular endothelial cells and tumour cells in residual hepatocellular carcinoma following transcatheter arterial embolization박영년, 박찬일Article
2001Teratoid Hepatoblastoma: Multidirectional Differentiation of Stem Cell of the Liver 박영년, 박찬일Article