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박주현 [Park, Ju Hyun]
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College of Dentistry - Dept. of Oral Medicine

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2011구강건조증에 대한 필로카핀 구강양치액의 효과 권정승, 박주현, 안형준Article
2011Quality of Life in Korean Patients with Burning Mouth Syndrome 권정승, 박주현, 안형준, 최종훈Article
2010이산화탄소 레이저(CO₂ laser)를 이용한 치은에 발생한 자극성 섬유종의 치료박주현, 안형준Article
2010Application of CO₂ laser in Minor Surgery of Oral Soft Tissue : Case Reports권정승, 박주현, 안형준, 전영미Article
2010Effect of botulinum toxin type A injection on lower facial contouring evaluated using a three-dimensional laser scan.김성택, 박주현, 심우현Article
2010Topography of the masseter muscle in relation to treatment with botulinum toxin type A김성택, 김희진, 박주현, 허경석, 허미선Article
2010Pharmacologic management of trigeminal nerve injury pain after dental implant surgery김성택, 박주현Article