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Park, Jong Chul [박종철]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Medical Engineering (의학공학교실)
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2001Behavior of osteoblasts on a type I atelocollagen grafted ozone oxidized poly L-lactic acid membraneBIOMATERIALS
2001A Bone Replaceable Artificial Bone Substitute: Cytotoxicity, Cell Adhesion, Proliferation, and Alkaline Phosphatase ActivityARTIFICIAL ORGANS
2000Compliance of surface modified polyurethane tubular scaffold for artificial esophagus Biomaterials Research (생체재료학회지)
2000A novel in vitro assessment of tissue valve calcification by a continuous flow type methodArtificial Organs
2000A bone replaceable artificial bone substitute : Morphological and physicochemical characterizations Yonsei Medical Journal
2000Heparinazed bovine pericardium as a novel cardiovascular bioprosthesesInternational Journal of Legal Medicine
2000Specific determination of endothelial cell viability in the whole cell fraction from cryopreserved canine femoral veins using flow-cytometry.Artificial Organs
2000Viability evaluation of engineered tissues Yonsei Medical Journal
2000Viability of cells in cryopreserved canine cardiovascular organs for transplantation Yonsei Medical Journal
2000Type I atelocollagen grafting onto ozone induced polyurethane films: cell attachment, proliferation and collagen synthesisJournal of Biomedical Materials Research
2000Calcification of leaflets from porcine aortic valves crosslinked by Ultraviolet(UV) ray-irradiationArtificial Organs
2000Behaviors of osteoblast-like cell (MC3T3-E1) on collagen grafted porous poly L-lactic acid (PLLA) membranes with various pore sizes Biomaterials Research (생체재료학회지)
2000Evaluation of calcification in porcine valves treated by ultraviolet ray and glutaraldehydeMaterials Science & Engineering C - Materials for Biological Applications
1999Viability and enzymatic activity of cryopreserved porcine heart valve Yonsei Medical Journal
1999Preclinical evaluation of prototype products Yonsei Medical Journal
1999Determination of a Favorable Medium for Detection of Fungal Extracellular Protease Biocontrol Science
1999真菌用培地による生菌数の測定と培地評価Journal of Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents (日本防菌防黴学会)
1999Evaluation of the degree of cross-linking in UV irradiated porcine valves YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
1999Complement functional activity of PEG modified polyurethane films with different end groupsBiomaterials Research
1998In Vitro Evaluation of PEG Modified Polyurethanes in Cellular Toxicity Biomaterials Research
1998Mechanical properties of the UV irradiated porcine valves Biomaterials Research
1998Type I atelocollagen grafting on polyurethane tube and its mechanical propertyBiomaterials Research
1997수종 시판 경추보조기의 물성에 관한 평가조사 Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research (의공학회지)