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박은철 [Park, Eun Chul]
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Graduate School of Public Health : Graduate School of Public Health
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2015 Risk factors for perihilar cholangiocarcinoma: A hospital-based case-control study 박은철, 노재훈
2015 Hepatitis B virus infection, diabetes mellitus, and their synergism for cholangiocarcinoma development: a case-control study in Korea 남정모, 노재훈, 박승우, 박은철
2015 Association between chronic disease and catastrophic health expenditure in Korea 박은철
2015 Need to pay more attention to attendance at follow-up consultation after cancer screening in smokers and drinkers 이상규, 장석용, 홍세리, 박은철, 배홍철, 신재용
2015 Effect of endoscopy screening on stage at gastric cancer diagnosis: results of the National Cancer Screening Programme in Korea 박은철
2015 A change in social activity and depression among Koreans aged 45 years and more: analysis of the Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging (2006-2010) 박은철, 이광식
2015 The impact of age differences in couples on depressive symptoms: evidence from the Korean longitudinal study of aging (2006-2012) 박은철, 이상규
2015 Do long term cancer survivors have better health-promoting behavior than non-cancer populations?: case-control study in Korea 박은철
2015 건강보험심사평가원 요양급여 적정성평가의 문제와 방향 박은철
2015 Synergistic effect of interaction between perceived health and social activity on depressive symptoms in the middle-aged and elderly: a population-based longitudinal study 박은철
2015 The differences in health care utilization between Medical Aid and health insurance: a longitudinal study using propensity score matching 김재현, 박은철
2015 The relationship between changes in employment status and mortality risk based on the Korea Labor and Income Panel Study (2003-2008) 손낙훈, 김태현, 남정모, 박은철
2015 Factors influencing unmet need for health care services in Korea 김태현, 박은철
2015 The association of market competition with hospital charges, length of stay, and quality outcomes for patients with joint diseases: a longitudinal study in Korea 김태현, 박은철
2015 Sex differences associated with hepatitis B virus surface antigen seropositivity unwareness in hepatitis B virus surface antigen-positive adults: 2007-2012 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 박은철, 배홍철, 신재용, 장석용, 장성인
2015 Mortality, length of stay, and inpatient charges for heart failure patients at public versus private hospitals in South Korea 김태현, 박은철, 이상규
2015 The combined effect of subjective body image and body mass index (distorted body weight perception) on suicidal ideation 김재현, 박은철, 신재용, 이상규
2015 Setting a health policy research agenda for controlling cancer burden in Korea 박은철, 이광식, 장성인
2015 Effects of continuity of care on hospital admission in patients with type 2 diabetes: analysis of nationwide insurance data 김재현, 박은철, 이상규, 전병율
2015 Association between all-cause mortality and insurance status transition among the elderly population in a rural area in Korea: Kangwha Cohort Study 김재현, 박은철, 오희철, 장성인
2015 The effect of new drug pricing systems and new reimbursement guidelines on pharmaceutical expenditures and prescribing behavior among hypertensive patients in Korea 김재현, 박은철, 이광식
2015 The relationship between economic status and mortality of South Koreans, as it relates to average life expectancy 박은철, 조우현
2015 한국 성인의 경제활동 참여변화가 미충족 의료에 미치는 영향: 4,5차 한국의료패널자료를 이용하여. 박은철, 최재우
2015 Positive correlation between care given by specialists and registered nurses and improved outcomes for stroke patients 박은철, 장성인
2015 Does home oxygen therapy slow down the progression of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases? 김태현, 박은철
2015 Effects of number and gender of offspring on quality of life among older adults: evidence from the Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging, 2006-2012 김재현, 박은철, 신재용, 이상규, 최재우
2015 Effects of Disease Detection on Changes in Smoking Behavior 김재현, 박은철, 이상규
2015 Patterns of Alcohol Consumption and Suicidal Behavior: Findings From the Fourth and Fifth Korea National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey (2007-2011) 배홍철, 이광식, 장성인, 홍세리, 박은철
2015 Combined effect of body mass index and body size perception on metabolic syndrome in South Korea: results of the fifth Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (2010-2012) 박은철, 전병율
2015 The temporal association of excessive health expenditure with suicidal ideation among primary income earners: a cross-sectional design using the Korean Welfare Panel Survey (KoWePS) 박은철, 신재용, 이상규, 장성인, 최재우
2015 Quality of life correlation with socioeconomic status in Korean hepatitis-B patients: a cross sectional study 박은철
2015 Effects of Offspring-Related Characteristics on Depressive Disorder among Cancer Patients and Survivors 김재현, 박은철, 염형선, 이상규
2015 미국의 호스피탈리스트 흐름과 한국형 호스피탈리스트 도입방안 박은철, 장석용, 장성인
2015 The Association between Short or Long Sleep Times and Quality of Life (QOL): Results of the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES IV-V) 김재현, 박소희, 박은철
2015 Precarious employment and new-onset severe depressive symptoms: a population-based prospective study in South Korea 박은철, 배홍철, 신재용, 장석용, 장성인
2015 Economic Burden of Cancer in Korea during 2000-2010 박은철, 이광식
2015 Comparative Efficacy and Procedural Durability of Radiofrequency Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation: A Systematic Review and a Meta-Analysis 박소희, 박은철, 지선하
2015 Effects of drug price reduction and prescribing restrictions on expenditures and utilisation of antihypertensive drugs in Korea 김태현, 박소희, 박은철, 이상규
2015 Effective strategy for improving health care outcomes: Multidisciplinary care in cerebral infarction patients 박은철, 이상규, 장성인
2015 The effect of subjective and objective social class on health-related quality of life: new paradigm using longitudinal analysis 김재현, 박은철
2015 Impact of socioeconomic status and subjective social class on overall and health-related quality of life 김재현, 박은철
2015 국가질병관리 역량강화를 위한 중앙정부 조직 개편 박은철
2015 Associations between time in bed and suicidal thoughts, plans and attempts in Korean adolescents 김재현, 박은철, 이상규
2015 The outcomes of psychiatric inpatients by proportion of experienced psychiatrists and nurse staffing in hospital: New findings on improving the quality of mental health care in South Korea 박은철, 장성인
2015 The effect of high medical expenses on household income in South Korea: a longitudinal study using propensity score matching 김태현, 박은철, 이상규, 장성인, 최재우
2015 Effects of social activity on health-related quality of life according to age and gender: an observational study 박은철
2015 Consumption of pharmaceutical drugs in exception region of separation for drug prescribing and dispensing program in South Korea 박은철
2015 Does hospital need more hospice beds? Hospital charges and length of stays by lung cancer inpatients at their end of life: A retrospective cohort design of 2002-2012 김태현, 박은철
2015 Joint Statement of the Ad-hoc Committee of the Korean Society for Preventive Medicine and the Korean Society of Epidemiology on Tobacco Lawsuits on the Causal Link Between Tobacco Smoking and Lung Cancer 박은철, 지선하
2015 Effects of the gap between socioeconomic status and perceived social class on suicidal ideation: Unique perspectives using a longitudinal analysis 김재현, 박은철
2015 Socioeconomic Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Screening in Korea: A Nationwide Cross-Sectional Study. 박은철
2015 The effect of offspring on depressive disorder among old adults: Evidence from the Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging from 2006 to 2012 김재현, 박은철, 신재용, 이상규
2015 우리나라 국민건강보험제도의 보험료 부담 형평성에 관한 연구 김재현, 박은철, 최재우
2015 Relationships between Body Image, Body Mass Index, and Smoking in Korean Adolescents: Results of a Nationwide Korea Youth Risk Behavior Web-based Survey 박은철, 홍세리
2015 Healthcare Spending and Performance of Specialty Hospitals: Nationwide Evidence from Colorectal-Anal Specialty Hospitals in South Korea 김태현, 박은철, 이상규
2015 Depression symptom and professional mental health service use 박소희, 박은철
2015 The impact of job status on quality of life: general population versus long-term cancer survivors 박은철, 신재용
2015 The effect of cost-sharing in private health insurance on the utilization of health care services between private insurance purchasers and non-purchasers: a study of the Korean health panel survey (2008-2012). 김재현, 박은철, 최재우
2015 Quality of Life of Family Members Living with Cancer Patients 박은철, 이상규
2014 Influenza Vaccination in Korea. 박은철, 이광식
2014 The Gender-Specific Association between Age at First Drink and Later Alcohol Drinking Patterns in Korea. 박은철, 조우현
2014 Breakfast eating patterns and the metabolic syndrome: the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) 2007-2009. 박은철
2014 Disease Management Index of potential years of life lost as a tool for setting priorities in national disease control using OECD health data. 남정모, 박은철, 장성인
2014 Do early onset and pack-years of smoking increase risk of type II diabetes? 남정모, 박은철, 조우현, 지선하
2014 A single measure of cancer burden combining incidence with mortality rates for worldwide application. 김정림, 박은철
2014 Japanese Cancer Association Meeting UICC International Session - What is Cost-effectiveness in Cancer Treatment? 노재경, 박은철, 이광식
2014 The Association Between Quality of Care and Quality of Life in Long-Stay Nursing Home Residents With Preserved Cognition. 박은철, 최종범
2014 Changes in economic status of households associated with catastrophic health expenditures for cancer in South Korea. 박은철
2014 산정특례제도가 미충족 의료경험에 미치는 영향 - 2·4차 한국의료패널 자료를 이용하여. 박은철
2014 Factors associated with organized and opportunistic cancer screening: Results of the Korean Health and Nutrition Examination Survey(KNHAMES) 2007-2011. 김두리, 박은철
2014 Quality Assurance in Ultrasound Screening for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using a Standardized Phantom and Standard Clinical Images A 3-Year National Investigation in Korea 박은철
2014 Population based study of the association between binge drinking and mortality from cancer of oropharynx and esophagus in korean men: the Kangwha cohort study. 남정모, 박은철, 오희철, 원종욱
2014 Gender specific differences in risk for intimate partner violence in south Korea. 박은철
2014 Variation in Meal-skipping Rates of Korean Adolescents According to Socio-economic Status: Results of the Korea Youth Risk Behavior Web-based Survey. 김현수, 박은철, 배홍철, 홍세리
2014 Cost-effectiveness of liver cancer screening in adults at high risk for liver cancer in the Republic of Korea. 김윤남, 남정모, 박은철, 조우현
2014 Associations between Quality of Life and Marital Status in Cancer Patients and Survivors. 박은철
2014 Copayment policy effects on healthcare spending and utilization by korean lung cancer patients at end of life: a retrospective cohort design 2003-2012. 김태현, 박소희, 박은철
2014 Is marital status associated with quality of life? 박소희, 박은철
2014 Gender differences in marital disruption among patients with cancer: Results from the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES). 박은철
2014 Impact of the gap between socioeconomic stratum and subjective social class on depressive symptoms: Unique insights from a longitudinal analysis 박은철, 신재용, 이상규
2014 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of HPV Vaccination: Comparing the General Population with Socially Vulnerable Individuals. 박은철
2014 Governmental designation of spine specialty hospitals, their characteristics, performance and designation effects: a longitudinal study in Korea. 김태현, 박은철, 이상규
2014 진료과별 적정 외래 진료시간에 관한 연구 박은철
2014 Factors affecting the quality of life of korean cancer survivors who return to the workplace. 박은철, 신재용, 이상규, 장성인
2014 Impact of perceived cancer risk on the cancer screening rate in the general Korean population: results from the Korean health panel survey data 박은철
2014 Influence of offspring on quality of life among cancer patients and survivors: results from the Korean longitudinal study of aging (KLoSA), 2008-2011 박은철
2013 Factors Associated with Discontinuation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine among Korean Cancer Patients 박은철
2013 Cost-effectiveness Outcomes of the National Gastric Cancer Screening Program in South Korea 박은철
2013 중증도 분류에 따른 진료비 차이: 간질환을 중심으로 박은철, 이상규
2013 The National Cancer Screening Program for Breast Cancer in the Republic of Korea: Is it Cost-Effective? 박은철
2013 Cost and effectiveness of the nationwide government-supported Smoking Cessation Clinics in the Republic of Korea 박은철
2013 건강보험 지불제도의 개편방향 박은철
2013 Determinants of suboptimal hepatitis B vaccine uptake among men in the Republic of Korea: where should our efforts be focused: results from cross-sectional study. 박은철
2013 Socioeconomic disparity in cervical cancer screening among Korean women: 1998-2010 김태현, 박은철
2013 Pitfalls in Reimbursement Decisions for Oncology Drugs in South Korea: Need for Addressing the Ethical Dimensions in Technology Assessment 박은철
2013 포괄수가제(DRG) 현황과 과제 박은철
2013 Does Stress Increase the Risk of Atopic Dermatitis in Adolescents? Results of the Korea Youth Risk Behavior Web-Based Survey (KYRBWS-VI) 박은철, 박소희
2013 Diabetic retinopathy risk prediction for fundus examination using sparse learning: a cross-sectional study 박은철
2013 Is Mammography for Breast Cancer Screening Cost-Effective in Both Western and Asian Countries?: Results of a Systematic Review 김은경, 남정모, 박은철
2013 Cost-Effectiveness of Korea’s National Cervical Cancer Screening Program 박은철
2013 Does the Duration and Time of Sleep Increase the Risk of Allergic Rhinitis? Results of the 6-Year Nationwide Korea Youth Risk Behavior Web-Based Survey 박은철
2013 Association between Total Sleep Duration and Suicidal Ideation among the Korean General Adult Population 박은철, 박종연, 조우현, 최원정
2013 The Association between Sleep Duration and Self-Rated Health in the Korean General Population 김경란, 박은철
2013 Differential association of socio-economic status with gender- and age-defined suicidal ideation among adult and elderly individuals in South Korea 박은철
2013 Osteoporosis Risk Prediction for Bone Mineral Density Assessment of Postmenopausal Women Using Machine Learning 김덕원, 박은철
2013 A Single Measure of Cancer Burden in Korea from 1999 to 2010 박소희, 박은철, 이광식, 장성인
2013 Validity of fecal occult blood test in the National Cancer Screening Program, Korea. 박은철
2013 An analysis of the inpatient charge and length of stay for patients with joint diseases in Korea: Specialty versus small general hospitals 김태현, 박은철, 장성인
2013 Relationship Between Current Sleep Duration and Past Suicidal Ideation or Attempt Among Korean Adolescents 박은철, 이광식, 장성인
2013 The Werther Effect of Two Celebrity Suicides: an Entertainer and a Politician 남정모, 박소희, 박은철
2013 Biochemically-verified Smoking Rate Trends and Factors Associated with Inaccurate Self-reporting of Smoking Habits in Korean Women 박은철, 장성인
2012 Role of quit supporters and other factors associated with smoking abstinence in adolescent smokers: a prospective study on Quitline users in the Republic of Korea 박은철
2012 Satisfaction in the National Cancer Screening Program for breast cancer with and without clinical breast examination 박은철
2012 Relationship between BMI, body image, and smoking in Korean women as determined by urine cotinine: results of a nationwide survey. Relationship between BMI, body image, and smoking in Korean women as determined by urine cotinine: results of a nationwide survey. 김희진, 남궁기, 박은철, 조우현, 지선하
2012 Factors associated with attending the National Cancer Screening Program for liver cancer in Korea 박은철
2012 Comparing endoscopy and upper gastrointestinal X-ray for gastric cancer screening in South Korea: a cost-utility analysis 남정모, 박은철, 장후선, 정우진, 조우현, 조은
2012 The association between cancer incidence and family income: analysis of Korean National Health Insurance cancer registration data 박은철, 조우현
2012 Mode of primary cancer detection as an indicator of screening practice for second primary cancer in cancer survivors: a nationwide survey in Korea. 박은철
2012 Time to follow up after an abnormal finding in organized gastric cancer screening in Korea. 박은철
2012 Variations in pain management outcomes among palliative care centers and the impact of organizational factors. 박은철
2012 Adherence to follow-up after a positive fecal occult blood test in an organized colorectal cancer screening program in Korea, 2004-2008 박은철
2012 Sustainability of Korean National Health Insurance 박은철, 장후선
2012 The gap between physicians and the public in satisfaction with the National Health Insurance system in Korea 박은철
2012 한국 보건의료정책의 현황과 방향. 박은철
2012 새 정부에 바란다. 박은철
2012 한국 보건의료정책 문제의 진단 박은철, 장성인
2012 User satisfaction as a tool for assessment and improvement of Quitline in the Republic of Korea 박은철
2012 Performance of papanicolaou testing and detection of cervical carcinoma in situ in participants of organized cervical cancer screening in South Korea 박은철
2012 Performance of different gastric cancer screening methods in Korea: a population-based study 박소희, 박은철
2012 Predictors and outcomes of feeling of insufficient consultation time in cancer care in Korea: results of a nationwide multicenter survey 박은철
2012 Socioeconomic inequalities in completion of hepatitis B vaccine series among Korean women: results from a nationwide interview survey 박은철
2012 Relationship between Weight, Body Mass Index and Bone Mineral Density of Lumbar Spine in Women. 박은철, 조은
2012 중,고령자의 민간의료보험 가입 여부의 결정 요인 박은철, 조우현
2012 우리나라 중고령인구의 노후보장에 대한 기대감 박은철, 박종연
2012 의사국가시험 실시시험 도입에 따른 인턴과 전공의 임상수행능력의 변화 장후선, 박은철, 박인철
2011 Chronic obstructive lung disease-related health care utilisation in Korean adults with obstructive lung disease 박무석, 박은철, 장준, 정지예, 강영애, 김세규, 김영삼
2011 암환자 의료비 지원사업 대상자의 만족도 관련 요인 박은철
2011 Gastric cancer screening in Korea: report on the national cancer screening program in 2008. 박은철
2011 Sociodemographic gradients in breast and cervical cancer screening in Korea: the Korean National Cancer Screening Survey (KNCSS) 2005-2009. 박은철
2011 Trends in Cancer Screening Rates among Korean Men and Women: Results from the Korean National Cancer Screening Survey (KNCSS), 2004-2010. 박은철
2011 Assessment of participant satisfaction with upper gastrointestinal endoscopy in South Korea 박은철
2011 Who participates in the gastric cancer screening and on-time rescreening in the National Cancer Screening Program? A population-based study in Korea. 박은철
2011 Current status of thyroid cancer screening in Korea: results from a nationwide interview survey 박은철
2011 Factors associated with participation of Korean women in cervical cancer screening examination by age group 박은철, 손명세, 유승흠, 장후선
2011 Cancer screening in Korea, 2010: results from the Korean National Cancer Screening Survey 박은철
2011 Cervical cancer screening in Korea: report on the National Cancer Screening Programme in 2008 박은철
2011 On-schedule mammography rescreening in the National Cancer Screening Program for breast cancer in Korea 박은철
2011 치과위생사의 서번트 리더십 지각수준이 직무만족, 조직 몰입 및 이직의사에 미치는 영향 박은철, 유승흠
2011 Discordance in perceived needs between patients and physicians in oncology practice: a nationwide survey in Korea. 박은철
2011 Prediction of cancer incidence and mortality in Korea, 2011 박은철
2011 The development of a comprehensive needs assessment tool for cancer-caregivers in patient-caregiver dyads. 박은철
2011 Satisfaction with mammography in the National Cancer Screening Programme participants of age 40s in Korea. 박은철
2011 Factors associated with the intention to have colorectal cancer screening in Korean adults 박은철
2011 Reproductive and Hormonal Factors Associated with Fatty or Dense Breast Patterns among Korean Women 박은철
2011 Cancer statistics in Korea: incidence, mortality, survival, and prevalence in 2008 박은철
2011 Late referral to palliative care services in Korea 박은철
2011 Cross-cultural application of the Korean version of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire-Core 15-Palliative Care. 박은철
2011 Inequalities in adoption of cancer screening from a diffusion of innovation perspective: identification of late adopters. 박은철
2010 말기암환자 정보시스템을 이용한 우리나라 암환자 완화의료기관의 이용현황 박은철
2010 Trends of mammography use in a national breast cancer screening program, 2004-2008 박은철
2010 Results of Colorectal Cancer Screening of the National Cancer Screening Program in Korea, 2008 박은철
2010 우리나라 여성의 유방암 검진: 2008년 국가암검진 사업 결과 박은철
2010 Cancer statistics in Korea: incidence, mortality and survival in 2006-2007. 박은철
2010 Trends in socioeconomic disparities in organized and opportunistic gastric cancer screening in Korea (2005-2009). 박은철
2010 Unwanted effects of risk notification for breast cancer regarding intention toward mammography utilization 박은철
2010 Development of the standard hospice and palliative care education program in Korea: results from the demonstration project. 박은철
2010 Comparison of Breast Cancer Screening Rates Between Korean Women in America Versus Korea 박은철
2009 Big gap between risk perception for breast cancer and risk factors: nationwide survey in Korea 김현창, 남정모, 박은철
2009 Nationwide cancer incidence in Korea, 2003-2005 박은철, 정우진
2009 Cancer Statistics in Korea: Incidence, Mortality and Survival in 2005 박은철
2009 암 환자의 발생 초기 의료비와 이에 영향을 미치는 요인 박은철
2009 Perceived risk for gastric cancer among the general Korean population: a population-based survey 박은철
2009 Analysis of Rating Appropriateness and Patient Outcomes in Cataract Surgery 박은철
2009 2005년 암의 경제적 비용부담 추계 박은철
2009 Predicting the stages of adoption of cervical cancer screening among Korean women 박은철
2009 위암 검진 만족도에 영향을 미치는 요인 박은철
2009 국가암조기검진 수검자 만족도에 영향을 미치는 요인 박은철
2009 Screening for Gastric Cancer in Korea: Population-Based Preferences for Endoscopy versus Upper Gastrointestinal Series 박은철
2009 Comparison of Satisfaction with Cancer Screening at Mobile Van and Static Sites: National Cancer Screening Program in Korea 박은철
2008 Job satisfaction and trust in Health Insurance Review Agency among Korean physicians 박은철, 조우현
2008 Job loss and re-employment of cancer patients in Korean employees: a nationwide retrospective cohort study 박은철
2007 Hospital Staff and Patient Recognition Toward Opening of Medical Services Market, and Factors in Selecting a Foreign Hospital 박은철, 유승흠
2006 Cost-utility analysis of cochlear implants in Korea using different measures of utility 김한중, 김희남, 박은철, 최재영
2004 인공와우 이식의 비용효용 분석 김희남, 박은철, 이후연, 최재영, 김한중
2004 임상영양서비스의 효과성 평가: 체계적 검토와 메타분석을 통하여 남정모, 박은철
2001 백내장수술환자 결과 변수들의 시계열적 관찰과 진료결과 향상에 영향을 주는 요인 박은철
2001 한 눈과 두 눈의 백내장수술 환자의 결과 비교 박은철
2001 백내장 환자의 수술후 진료만족도의 다면적 평가와 결정요인 박은철, 손명세
2001 백내장수술 연관 요소가 임상적 결과에 미치는 영향 박은철
2001 RUG-III를 이용한 노인환자군분류의 타당성검증 남정모, 박은철
2001 병원의 활동기준원가를 이용한 총체적 질관리 모형 및 비용 산출모형 개발 박은철, 조우현
2001 한눈과 두눈의 백내장수술 환자의 결과 비교 김한중, 김홍복, 박은철, 성공제, 임승정, 최윤정, 홍영재