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박은철 [Park, Eun-Cheol]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Preventive Medicine
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2011Midcourse evaluation of the second-term 10-year plan for cancer control in Korea 박은철Article
2011Attitude and knowledge of physicians about cancer pain management: young doctors of South Korea in their early career박은철Article
2011Factors associated with participation of Korean women in cervical cancer screening examination by age group 박은철, 손명세, 유승흠, 장후선Article
2011An observational study of the Korean proactive quitline service for smoking cessation and relapse prevention 박은철Article
2011What is the best practical survey method for the comparative assessment of palliative care services: results from a national quality assessment project in Korea박은철Article
2011Performance of gastric cancer screening by endoscopy testing through the National Cancer Screening Program of Korea박은철Article
2011치과위생사의 서번트 리더십 지각수준이 직무만족, 조직 몰입 및 이직의사에 미치는 영향 박은철, 유승흠Article
2011Late referral to palliative care services in Korea박은철Article
2011Factors associated with the intention to have colorectal cancer screening in Korean adults박은철Article
2011Discordance in perceived needs between patients and physicians in oncology practice: a nationwide survey in Korea.박은철Article
2011Cancer screening in Korea, 2010: results from the Korean National Cancer Screening Survey 박은철Article
2011Current status of thyroid cancer screening in Korea: results from a nationwide interview survey 박은철Article
2011Trends in Cancer Screening Rates among Korean Men and Women: Results from the Korean National Cancer Screening Survey (KNCSS), 2004-2010. 박은철Article
2011Sociodemographic gradients in breast and cervical cancer screening in Korea: the Korean National Cancer Screening Survey (KNCSS) 2005-2009. 박은철Article
2011Chronic obstructive lung disease-related health care utilisation in Korean adults with obstructive lung disease강영애, 김세규, 김영삼, 박무석, 박은철, 장준, 정지예Article
2010Liver cancer screening in Korea: a report on the 2008 National Cancer Screening Programme박은철Article
2010Cancer statistics in Korea: incidence, mortality and survival in 2006-2007. 박은철Article
2010Long-term Trends in Cancer Mortality in Korea (1983-2007): A Joinpoint Regression Analysis 박은철Article
2010우리나라 여성의 유방암 검진: 2008년 국가암검진 사업 결과박은철Article
2010Unwanted effects of risk notification for breast cancer regarding intention toward mammography utilization박은철Article
2010Results of Colorectal Cancer Screening of the National Cancer Screening Program in Korea, 2008 박은철Article
2010Comparison of Breast Cancer Screening Rates Between Korean Women in America Versus Korea박은철Article
2010Trends in socioeconomic disparities in organized and opportunistic gastric cancer screening in Korea (2005-2009). 박은철Article
2010말기암환자 정보시스템을 이용한 우리나라 암환자 완화의료기관의 이용현황 박은철Article
2010Trends of mammography use in a national breast cancer screening program, 2004-2008 박은철Article
2010Development of the standard hospice and palliative care education program in Korea: results from the demonstration project.박은철Article
2009Cancer Statistics in Korea: Incidence, Mortality and Survival in 2005 박은철Article
2009Perceived risk for gastric cancer among the general Korean population: a population-based survey박은철Article
2009Nationwide cancer incidence in Korea, 2003-2005 박은철, 정우진Article
2009암 환자의 발생 초기 의료비와 이에 영향을 미치는 요인 박은철Article
2009Analysis of Rating Appropriateness and Patient Outcomes in Cataract Surgery 박은철Article
2009Comparison of Satisfaction with Cancer Screening at Mobile Van and Static Sites: National Cancer Screening Program in Korea박은철Article
2009Big gap between risk perception for breast cancer and risk factors: nationwide survey in Korea김현창, 남정모, 박은철Article
20092005년 암의 경제적 비용부담 추계 박은철Article
2009Screening for Gastric Cancer in Korea: Population-Based Preferences for Endoscopy versus Upper Gastrointestinal Series 박은철Article
2009국가암조기검진 수검자 만족도에 영향을 미치는 요인 박은철Article
2009위암 검진 만족도에 영향을 미치는 요인 박은철Article
2009Predicting the stages of adoption of cervical cancer screening among Korean women박은철Article
2008Job satisfaction and trust in Health Insurance Review Agency among Korean physicians박은철, 조우현Article
2008Job loss and re-employment of cancer patients in Korean employees: a nationwide retrospective cohort study 박은철Article
2007Hospital Staff and Patient Recognition Toward Opening of Medical Services Market, and Factors in Selecting a Foreign Hospital 박은철, 유승흠Article
2006Cost-utility analysis of cochlear implants in Korea using different measures of utility김한중, 김희남, 박은철, 최재영Article
2005건강보험료 부담의 형평성 변화 강희정, 김한중, 박은철, 정우진Article
2004인공와우 이식의 비용효용 분석 김한중, 김희남, 박은철, 이후연, 최재영Article
2004임상영양서비스의 효과성 평가: 체계적 검토와 메타분석을 통하여 남정모, 박은철Article
2004한 의과대학 졸업생의 학부 성적과 의사국가고시 성적의 관련성 박은철, 백송이, 이후연Article
2002건강보험 요양기관 당연지정제도 이후의 의료체계 조명박은철, 손명세Article
2001RUG-III를 이용한 노인환자군분류의 타당성검증남정모, 박은철Article
2001백내장수술환자 결과 변수들의 시계열적 관찰과 진료결과 향상에 영향을 주는 요인 박은철Article
2001병원의 활동기준원가를 이용한 총체적 질관리 모형 및 비용 산출모형 개발 박은철, 조우현Article