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2015Metabolic stress induces a Wnt-dependent cancer stem cell-like state transition 구민희, 김남희, 박은성, 서진석, 양재문, 육종인, 이유진, 정재호, 허용민Article
2014Genomic predictors for recurrence patterns of hepatocellular carcinoma: model derivation and validation. 박영년, 박은성, 유정은Article
2014Characterization of gene expression and activated signaling pathways in solid-pseudopapillary neoplasm of pancreas강창무, 김원규, 김호근, 박민희, 박은성Article
2013CD44-specific supramolecular hydrogels for fluorescence molecular imaging of stem-like gastric cancer cells구민희, 박은성, 서진석, 양재문, 정재호, 허용민Article
2013Comparison of Prognostic Genomic Predictors in Colorectal Cancer 박은성, 임재윤Article
2012Global gene expression profiling in mouse plasma cell tumor precursor and bystander cells reveals potential intervention targets for plasma cell neoplasia.박은성Article
2012Development and validation of a prognostic gene-expression signature for lung adenocarcinoma 박은성Article
2012Sixty-five gene-based risk score classifier predicts overall survival in hepatocellular carcinoma 박영년, 박은성, 임재윤Article
2012Prognostic gene expression signature associated with two molecularly distinct subtypes of colorectal cancer. 박은성, 임재윤Article
2011Reconstruction of nuclear receptor network reveals that NR2E3 is a novel upstream regulator of ESR1 in breast cancer 박은성Article
2011Astrocytes upregulate survival genes in tumor cells and induce protection from chemotherapy 박은성Article
2011Exploring genomic profiles of hepatocellular carcinoma 박은성Article
2011Dual inhibition of tumor energy pathway by 2-deoxyglucose and metformin is effective against a broad spectrum of preclinical cancer models 박은성, 정재호Article
2011Cross-species hybridization of microarrays for studying tumor transcriptome of brain metastasis 박은성, 정재호Article
2010Prognostic biomarkers for esophageal adenocarcinoma identified by analysis of tumor transcriptome 박은성, 조재용Article
2010NF-kappaB/STAT3/PI3K signaling crosstalk in iMyc E mu B lymphoma 박은성Article
2010Identification of a cholangiocarcinoma-like gene expression trait in hepatocellular carcinoma 박은성Article
2010Integrative analysis of proteomic signatures, mutations, and drug responsiveness in the NCI 60 cancer cell line set. 박은성, 정재호Article
2010Expression signature of E2F1 and its associated genes predict superficial to invasive progression of bladder tumors박은성Article
2009Identification of potential driver genes in human liver carcinoma by genomewide screening 박은성Article
2008Gene expression-based recurrence prediction of hepatitis B virus-related human hepatocellular carcinoma 박은성, 천재희Article
2007Heterologous Tissue Culture Expression Signature Predicts Human Breast Cancer Prognosis 박은성Article
2007Gene expression profiling reveals different pathways related to Abl and other genes that cooperate with c-Myc in a model of plasma cell neoplasia 박은성Article
2004Proliferation of DU145 prostate cancer cells is inhibited by suppressing insulin-like growth factor binding protein-2박은성Article
2004Birth of parthenogenetic mice that can develop to adulthood 박은성Article
2003Expression of regulator of G protein signaling-2 in rat myometrium during pregnancy and parturition박은성Article
2002Oxytocin stimulation of RGS2 mRNA expression in cultured human myometrial cells 박은성Article