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박학 [Piao He]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Pharmacology

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2018Specific autophagy and ESCRT components participate in the unconventional secretion of CFTR강정민, 김연정, 노신혜, 박학, 이민구, 지헌영article
2017Sec16A is critical for both conventional and unconventional secretion of CFTR 김주영, 김지윤, 노신혜, 박학, 이민구article
2017ANO9/TMEM16J promotes tumourigenesis via EGFR and is a novel therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer박학, 박형순, 이민구, 전익현, 정진세, 정희철, 지헌영article
2016Monomerization and ER Relocalization of GRASP Is a Requisite for Unconventional Secretion of CFTR김동희, 김주영, 김지윤, 노신혜, 박학, 이민구article