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홍사민 [Hong, Sa Min]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Ophthalmology
(Yonsei Health Research Network)

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2007Recession–resection combined with intraoperative botulinum toxin A chemodenervation for exotropia following subtotal ruptured of medial rectus muscle이종복, 이형근, 한승한, 홍사민Article
2007Comparison between Indices of Humphrey Matrix and Humphrey Perimetry in Early Glaucoma Patients and Normal Subjects김찬윤, 성공제, 염호엽, 홍사민Article
2007Central Corneal Thickness and Visual Field Progression in Patients With Chronic Primary Angle-closure Glaucoma With Low Intraocular Pressure김찬윤, 성공제, 홍사민, 홍영재Article
2007Immunohistochemical localization of 2-Cys peroxiredoxins in human ciliary body김찬윤, 성공제, 홍사민Article
2007Early Glaucoma Detection Using the Humphrey Matrix Perimeter, GDx VCC, Stratus OCT, and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Photography성공제, 안현석, 염호엽, 하승주, 홍사민, 홍영재Article
2007Long-Term Intraocular Pressure Control of Trabeculectomy and Triple Procedure in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma and Chronic Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma성공제, 홍사민, 홍영재Article
2007Recurrence after Topical Nonpreserved Methylprednisolone Therapy for Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca in Sjögren's Syndrome김응권, 서경률, 정소향, 홍사민Article
2007Learning effect of Humphrey Matrix perimetry김찬윤, 성공제, 홍사민Article
2007Agmatine protects retinal ganglion cells from hypoxia-induced apoptosis in transformed rat retinal ganglion cell line 김찬윤, 성공제, 이종은, 홍사민Article
2007Effect of Prophylactic Brimonidine Instillation on Bleeding During Strabismus Surgery in Adults김찬윤, 성공제, 한승한, 홍사민Article
2007Long-term intraocular pressure fluctuation and progressive visual field deterioration in patients with glaucoma and low intraocular pressures after a triple procedure성공제, 홍사민, 홍영재Article
2007Brimonidine 0.2% versus brimonidine purite 0.15% in Asian ocular hypertension김찬윤, 성공제, 홍사민Article
2006Full Tendon Transposition Augmented with Posterior Intermuscular Suture and Recession - Resection Surgery 장윤희, 한승한, 홍사민Article
2006Effects of Topical Antiglaucoma Application on Conjunctival Impression Cytology Specimens서경률, 성공제, 이승규, 홍사민, 홍영재Article
2005가족력이 없는 조화운동불능 동반 선천안운동행위상실증 이종복, 한승한, 홍사민Article
2005Effect of Full Tendon Transposition Augmented With Posterior Intermuscular Suture for Paralytic Strabismus이종복, 장윤희, 한승한, 홍사민Article
2002한국인 중간대뇌동맥 겉질가지의 갈림과 분포 정인혁, 홍사민Article